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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Multimodality imaging and systemic biomarkers in classical low-flow low-gradient aortic stenosis: key findings for cardiac remodeling evaluationLOPES, M. A. A. A. M. L.; CAMPOS, C. M.; ROSA, V. E. E.; SAMPAIO, R. O.; MORAIS, T. C.; BRITO, F. S.; VIEIRA, M. L. C.; MATHIAS, W.; MEDEIROS, H. N. A. A.; SANTIS, A. S. A. L., et al
2021Myocardial tissue function and characterization in patients with idiopathic cardiac magnetic resonance myopericarditis: evolutionary analysisSOEIRO, A.; BOSSA, A. S.; CESAR, M. C.; LEAL, T. C. A. T.; GARCIA, G.; FONSECA, R. A.; NAKAMURA, D.; GUIMARAES, P. O.; SOARES, P. R.; MUELLER, C., et al
2020Methotrexate Carried in Lipid Core Nanoparticles Prevented the Dilation and Dissection of the Aortic Arch in Mice With Marfan Syndrome by Increasing the Bioavailability of Intracellular AdenosineGUIDO, Maria Carolina; LOPES, Natalia M.; ALBUQUERQUE, Camila I.; TAVARES, Elaine R.; JENSEN, Leonardo; PEREIRA, Lygia V.; LAURINDO, Francisco R.; MARANHAO, Raul C.
2021Impact of left ventricular fibrosis and longitudinal systolic strain on outcomes in low gradient aortic stenosisFUKUI, M.; ANNABI, M. S.; ROSA, V. E. E.; RIBEIRO, H. B.; TARASOUTCHI, F.; SHELBERT, E. B.; BERGLER-KLEIN, J.; MASCHERBAUER, J.; ROCHITTE, C. E.; PIBAROT, P., et al
2021Valve-in-valve procedure for bioprosthesis dysfunction in rheumatic patients: a new procedure for an old diseaseLOPES, M. P.; ROSA, V. Emer Egypto; PALMA, J. H.; FERNANDES, J. R. C.; SANTIS, A. S. A. L. De; SPINA, G. S.; ABIZAID, A. C.; BRITO JR., F. S. De; TARASOUTCHI, F.; SAMPAIO, R. O., et al
2021Rheumatic myocarditis: a poorly recognized etiology of left ventricular dysfunction in valvular heart disease patientsROSA, V. Emer Egypto; LOPES, M. P.; SPINA, G. S.; SOARES JR., J.; SALAZAR, D.; ROMERO, C. E.; LOTTEMBERG, M. P.; SANTIS, A. De; PIRES, L. J. N. T.; GONCALVES, L. F. T., et al
2021COVID-19 in pregnant women with heart diseases. Adverse maternal and fetal outcomes. Case series from InCor registry of Pregnancy and Heart DiseaseKIRSCHBAUM, M. R.; DEVIDO, M. S.; AZEKA, E.; DEMARCHI, L. M. M. F.; SANTOS, J. S.; PINTO, D. V. R.; HAJJAR, L. A.; TARASOUTCHI, F.; PARK, M.; AVILA, W. S.
2020Post-Operative Prognostic Prediction of Different Myocardial Fibrosis Measures in Severe Aortic Valvular Heart DiseasePIRES, Lucas J.; ROSA, Vitor E.; MORAIS, Thamara C.; SANTIS, Antonio S. de; FERNANDES, Joao Ricardo C.; BOER, Berta P.; ROSSI, Eduardo; LAVITOLA, Paulo D.; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; NOMURA, Cesar H., et al
2020Relationship Between Biomarkers and Different Types of Myocardial Fibrosis in Severe Aortic Valvular Heart DiseasePIRES, Lucas J.; ROSA, Vitor E.; MORAIS, Thamara C.; SANTIS, Antonio S. de; FERNANDES, Joao Ricardo C.; BOER, Berta P.; ROSSI, Eduardo; LAVITOLA, Paulo D.; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; NOMURA, Cesar H., et al
2020Obesity paradox in 12,381 patients undergoing transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation: from the CENTER-collaborationNIEUWKERK, A. Van; SANTOS, R. B.; REGUEIRO, A.; TCHETCHE, D.; BARBANTI, M.; D'ONOFRIO, A.; RIBICHINI, F.; TEN, F.; TARASOUTCHI, F.; ORVIN, K., et al
2020Prognostic value of noninvasive combined anatomic/functional assessment by cardiac ct in patients with suspected coronary heart diseaseDEWEY, M.; ROCHITTE, C.; OSTOVANEH, M.; CHEN, M.; GEORGE, R. T.; NIINUMA, H.; KITAGAWA, K.; LAHAM, R.; KOFOED, K.; NOMURA, C., et al
2020Methotrexate associated with a lipid core nanoparticle prevented the dilation and dissection of the aortic arch in mice with Marfan syndromeGUIDO, M. C.; LOPES, N. M.; I, C. Albuquerque; TAVARES, E. R.; JENSEN, L.; V, L. Pereira; KALIL-FILHO, R.; LAURINDO, F. R. M.; MARANHAO, R. C.
2020T1 mapping for myocardial tissue evaluation in patients with ischemia and stable coronary artery disease: MASS V-Trial Study GroupRIBEIRO, M.; HUEB, W.; REZENDE, P. C.; ROCHITTE, C. E.; NOMURA, C. H.; MORAIS, T.; LIMA, E. G.; BOROS, G. A. B.; RIBAS, F. F.; CARVALHO, F. P. C., et al
2020Tissue characterization and myocardium strain by cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in the early detection of anthracycline cardiotoxicityCOSTA, I. B. S. S.; LEAL, B. M.; V, C. B. B. Cruz; PAVANI, A. V. B.; PEREIRA, J.; BUCCHERI, V; BITTAR, C. S.; I, S. Rizk; GARCIA, D. R.; FUKUSHIMA, J. T., et al
2020Oxidative Stress in the Heart of Rats with Diabetic Nephropathy treated with EsculinRODRIGUES, Inri; PUNARO, Giovana; LIMA, Deyse; BESSA, Tiphany De; MOURO, Margaret; BERTOLINI, Angela; RODRIGUES, Adelson; SERRALHA, Robson; HIGA, Elisa Mieko Suemitsu
2020Protein Disulfide Isomerase-A1 Overexpression Attenuates Vascular Calcification in VivoPESCATORE, Luciana; NOLASCO, Patricia; FESSEL, Melissa; ALMEIDA, Youri; WOSNIAK JR., Joao; DEBBAS, Victor; GAMARRA, Lionel; LIBERMAN, Marcel; LAURINDO, Francisco R.
2019Sonothrombolysis Improves Myocardial Dynamics and Microvascular Obstruction Preventing Left Ventricular Remodeling in Patients With ST Elevation Myocardial InfarctionAGUIAR, Miguel O.; TSUTSUI, Jeane; TAVARES, Bruno G.; LOPES, Bernardo B. C.; NICOLAU, Jose; CHIANG, Hsu Po; PORTER, Thomas; BORGES, Bruno Carter C.; SOEIRO, Alexandre; OLIVEIRA JR., Mucio T., et al
2020Cooling as an Adjunctive Therapy to Percutaneous Intervention in Acute Myocardial Infarction: COOL-MI InCor TrialDALLAN, Luis Augusto; GIANNETTI, Natali; ROCHITTE, Carlos Eduardo; POLASTRI, Thatiane; BERNOCHE, Claudia; HAJJAR, Ludhmila Abrahao; LIMA, Felipe; NICOLAU, Jose Carlos; TAVARES JR., Mucio; DAE, Michael, et al
2019Short- and Long-term Outcomes After Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients With Classical Low-flow, Low-gradient Aortic StenosisROSA, Vitor E.; RIBEIRO, Henrique B.; SAMPAIO, Roney O.; MORAIS, Thamara C.; ROSA, Marcela E.; SANTIS, Antonio S. De; FERNANDES, Joao Ricardo C.; SPINA, Guilherme S.; VIEIRA, Marcelo L.; POMERANTZEFF, Pablo M., et al
2019Role of T1 Mapping and Extracellular Volume in Evaluating the Interstitial Matrix in Diabetic Patients With Stable Coronary Artery DiseaseBOROS, Gustavo A.; HUEB, Whady; REZENDE, Paulo C.; GARCIA, Rosa M.; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; NOMURA, Cesar H.; DALLAZEN, Anderson Roberto; MORAIS, Thamara C.; RIBEIRO, Matheus; SERRANO, Carlos V., et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46