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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A 10-min Targeted Geriatric Assessment Predicts Mortality in Fast-Paced Acute Care Settings: A Prospective Cohort StudyALIBERTI, M. J. R.; COVINSKY, K. E.; APOLINARIO, D.; LEE, S. J.; FORTES-FILHO, S. Q.; MELO, J. A.; VIANA, S. S. C.; SUEMOTO, C. K.; JACOB-FILHO, W.
2020Role of Gait Speed, Strength, and Balance in Predicting Adverse Outcomes of Acutely Ill Older OutpatientsFORTES-FILHO, Sileno Queiroz; ALIBERTI, M. J. R.; APOLINARIO, D.; MELO-FORTES, J. A.; SITTA, M. C.; JACOB-FILHO, W.; GARCEZ-LEME, L. E.
2021The Impact of Frailty on the Relationship between Life-Space Mobility and Quality of Life in Older Adults During the COVID-19 PandemicSARAIVA, M. D.; APOLINARIO, D.; AVELINO-SILVA, T. J.; TAVARES, C. De Assis Moura; GATTAS-VERNAGLIA, I. F.; FERNANDES, C. Marques; RABELO, L. M.; YAMAGUTI, S. Tavares Fernandes; KARNAKIS, T.; KALIL-FILHO, R.; JACOB-FILHO, W.; ALIBERTI, Marlon Juliano Romero
2021Nutritional Status and Adverse Outcomes in Older Depressed Inpatients: A Prospective StudyLOBATO, Z. M.; SILVA, A. C. Almeida da; RIBEIRO, S. M. Lima; BIELLA, M. M.; SIQUEIRA, A. Santos Silva; ALVES, T. Correa de Toledo Ferraz; MACHADO-VIEIRA, R.; BORGES, M. K.; VOSHAAR, R. C. Oude; APRAHAMIAN, Ivan
2021Longitudinal Association between Late-Life Depression (LLD) and Frailty: Findings from a Prospective Cohort Study (MiMiCS-FRAIL)BORGES, M. K.; ROMANINI, C. V.; LIMA, N. A.; PETRELLA, M.; COSTA, D. L. da; AN, V. N.; AGUIRRE, B. N.; GALDEANO, J. R.; FERNANDES, I. C.; CECATO, J. F.; ROBELLO, E. C.; VOSHAAR, R. C. Oude; APRAHAMIAN, I.
2022Association of Cognitive Performance with Frailty in Older Individuals with Cognitive ComplaintsLIN, S. M.; APOLINARIO, D.; GOMES, G. C. Vieira; TOSI, F. Cassales; MAGALDI, R. M.; BUSSE, A. L.; GIL, G.; RIBEIRO, E.; SATOMI, E.; APRAHAMIAN, I.; FILHO, W. J.; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.
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