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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Poorer cardiovascular health is associated with psychiatric comorbidity: results from the ELSA-Brasil StudySZLEJF, Claudia; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; SANTOS, Itamar S.; BRUNONI, Andre R.; NUNES, Maria Angelica; VIANA, Maria Carmen; BARRETO, Sandhi Maria; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.
2019Depression is Associated With Sarcopenia Due to Low Muscle Strength: Results From the ELSA-Brasil StudySZLEJF, Claudia; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; BRUNONI, Andre R.; VIANA, Maria Carmen; MORENO, Arlinda B.; MATOS, Sheila M. A.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.
2020Cognitive changes after tDCS and escitalopram treatment in major depressive disorder: Results from the placebo-controlled ELECT-TDCS trialMORENO, Marina L.; GOERIGK, Stephan A.; BERTOLA, Laiss; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; RAZZA, Lais B.; MOFFA, Adriano H.; VERONEZI, Beatriz P.; TORT, Luara; NOGUEIRA, Barbara S.; GATTAZ, Wagner F.; FRAGUAS, Renerio; PADBERG, Frank; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; BRUNONI, Andre R.
2020Prospective associations between hsCRP and GlycA inflammatory biomarkers and depression: The Brazilian longitudinal study of adult health (ELSA-Brasil)BRUNONI, Andre R.; SALUM, Giovanni A.; HOFFMANN, Mauricio S.; GOULART, Alessandra C.; BARRETO, Sandhi M.; CANHADA, Scheine; CARVALHO, Andre F.; KOYANAGI, Ai; CALICE-SILVA, Viviane; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; SANTOS, Itamar S.; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; BENSENOR, Isabela M.
2021Normative Data for the ELSA-Brasil Neuropsychological Assessment and Operationalized Criterion for Cognitive Impairment for Middle-Aged and Older AdultsBERTOLA, Laiss; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; GOULART, Alessandra C.; BRUNONI, Andre R.; CARAMELLI, Paulo; BARRETO, Sandhi Maria; GIATTI, Luana; SALVADOR, Larissa; GRIEP, Rosane Harter; MORENO, Arlinda B.; LOTUFO, Paulo A.; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.
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