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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Dengue infections in non-immune travellers to ThailandMASSAD, E.; ROCKLOV, J.; WILDER-SMITH, A.
2018Is vaccinating monkeys against yellow fever the ultimate solution for the Brazilian recurrent epizootics?MASSAD, Eduardo; MIGUEL, Monica Manir; COUTINHO, Francisco Antonio Bezerra
2012Potential impact of dengue vaccination: a modeling approachMASSAD, E.
2019Vector competence, vectorial capacity of Nyssorhynchus darlingi and the basic reproduction number of Plasmodium vivax in agricultural settlements in the Amazonian Region of BrazilSALLUM, Maria Anice M.; CONN, Jan E.; BERGO, Eduardo S.; LAPORTA, Gabriel Z.; CHAVES, Leonardo S. M.; BICKERSMITH, Sara A.; OLIVEIRA, Tatiane M. P. de; FIGUEIRA, Elder Augusto G.; MORESCO, Gilberto; OLIVER, Leuda; STRUCHINER, Claudio J.; YAKOB, Laith; MASSAD, Eduardo
2021Estimating the effects of reopening of schools on the course of the epidemic of COVID-19MASSAD, Eduardo; AMAKU, Marcos; COVAS, Dimas Tadeu; LOPEZ, Luis Fernandes; COUTINHO, Francisco Antonio Bezerra
2011Cost risk benefit analysis to support chemoprophylaxis policy for travellers to malaria endemic countriesMASSAD, Eduardo; BEHRENS, Ben C.; COUTINHO, Francisco A. B.; BEHRENS, Ronald H.
2011Modelling immunization strategies with cytomegalovirus vaccine candidatesAZEVEDO, R. S.; AMAKU, M.
2017Modelling the impact of the long-term use of insecticide-treated bed nets on Anopheles mosquito biting timeFERREIRA, Claudia P.; LYRA, Silas P.; AZEVEDO, Franciane; GREENHALGH, David; MASSAD, Eduardo
2017On the origin and timing of Zika virus introduction in BrazilMASSAD, E.; BURATTINI, M. Nascimento; KHAN, K.; STRUCHINER, C. J.; COUTINHO, F. A. B.; WILDER-SMITH, A.
2019Modelling an optimum vaccination strategy against ZIKA virus for outbreak useMASSAD, Eduardo; COUTINHOL, Francisco Antonio Bezerra; WILDER-SMITH, Annelies