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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Aspirin responsiveness safely lowers perioperative cardiovascular riskCALDERARO, Daniela; PASTANA, Adriana Feio; ROCHA, Tania Rubia Flores da; YU, Pai Ching; GUALANDRO, Danielle Menosi; DELUCCIA, Nelson; D'AMICO, Elbio Antonio; CARAMELLI, Bruno
2012Engraftment of human adipose derived stem cells delivered in a hyaluronic acid preparation in miceDIETRICH, Isa; COCHET, Olivia; VILLAGEOIS, Phi; RODRIGUES, Consuelo Junqueira
2011Systematic review and meta-analysis of biliary reconstruction techniques in orthotopic deceased donor liver transplantationPAES-BARBOSA, Fabio Colagrossi; MASSAROLLO, P. C.; BERNARDO, W. M.; FERREIRA, F. G.; BARBOSA, F. K.; RASLAN, M.; SZUTAN, L. A.
2021Saccular Superior Vena Cava Aneurysm: Case Report and Comprehensive ReviewMORALES, Marcia Maria; ANACLETO, Alexandre; LEAL, Joao Carlos Ferreira; GREQUE, Valdir Gilmar; JR, Arthur Soares Souza; WOLOSKER, Nelson
2018Calf Muscle Oxygen Saturation during 6-Minute Walk Test and Its Relationship with Walking Impairment in Symptomatic Peripheral Artery DiseaseANDRADE-LIMA, Aluisio; CUCATO, Gabriel G.; DOMINGUES, Wagner J. R.; GERMANO-SOARES, Antonio H.; CAVALCANTE, Bruno R.; CORREIA, Marilia A.; SAES, Glauco F.; WOLOSKER, Nelson; GARDNER, Andrew W.; ZERATI, Antonio E.; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael M.
2018Prevalence of signs of celiac axis compression by the median arcuate ligament on computed tomography angiography in asymptomatic patientsPETNYS, Alexandre; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro; ZERATI, Antonio Eduardo; RITTI-DIAS, Raphael Mendes; NAHAS, William Carlos; NETO, Elias David; LUCCIA, Nelson De
2019Analysis of the Correlation Between Central Obesity and Abdominal Aortic DiseasesAPOLONI, Rafael Correa; ZERATI, Antonio Eduardo; WOLOSKER, Nelson; SAES, Glauco Fernandes; WOLOSKER, Marina; CURADO, Taina; PUECH-LEAO, Pedro; LUCCIA, Nelson De
2018Disruption of Membrane to Remodel Aorta after Type B Dissection: the Final Solution?LUCCIA, Nelson De
2012Supracerebellar transtentorial approach-resection of the tentorium instead of an opening-to provide broad exposure of the mediobasal temporal lobe: anatomical aspects and surgical applications Clinical articleOLIVEIRA, Jean G. de; PARRAGA, Richard Gonzalo; CHADDAD-NETO, Feres; RIBAS, Guilherme Carvalhal; OLIVEIRA, Evandro P. L. de
2013Expression of Acetylcholine and Its Receptor in Human Sympathetic Ganglia in Primary HyperhidrosisMOURA JUNIOR, Nabor B. de; DAS-NEVES-PEREIRA, Joao C.; OLIVEIRA, Flavio R. G. de; JATENE, Fabio B.; PARRA, Edwin R.; CAPELOZZI, Vera L.; WOLOSKER, Nelson; CAMPOS, Jose R. M. de