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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Radiofrequency promotes more collagen synthesis than low level laser in experimental tendineous lesionAKAMATSU, Flavia; TEODORO, Walcy; SALEH, Samir; HOJAIJ, Flavio; CAMILLO, Gina; MARTINEZ, Carlos; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo
2014Experimental model of Achilles tendon injury in ratsAKAMATSU, Flavia; TEODORO, Walcy; SALEH, Samir; SILVA, Alexandre; HOJAIJ, Flavio; MARTINEZ, Carlos; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo
2014Anatomic localization of nerve entry points in the gluteus maximus muscle: preliminary resultsYENDO, Tatiana; ITEZEROTE, Ana; JACOMO, Alfredo; AKAMATSU, Flavia
2014COLIIA1 overexpression with low level laser therapy after experimental injuryJACOMO, Alfredo; TEODORO, Walcy; SALEH, Samir; MARTINEZ, Carlos; RIBEIRO, Marcelo; HOJAIJ, Flavio; ANDRADE, Mauro; AKAMATSU, Flavia
2014Accessing gain and knowledge retained in cross-sectional anatomyRIBEIRO, Joao; AKAMATSU, Flavia; HOJAIJ, Flavio; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo
2014Cadaver donation program and anatomy teaching at the University of Sao Paulo Medical School, BrazilJACOMO, Alfredo; HOJAIJ, Flavio; RIBEIRO, Joao; ANDRADE, Mauro; AKAMATSU, Flavia
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