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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Predictors of acute heart failure after vascular surgeryGUALANDRO, D. M.; MARCONDES-BRAGA, F. G.; YU, P. C.; CARDOZO, F. A. M.; LLOBET, G. B.; CALDERARO, D.; MELO, E. S.; CASELLA, I. B.; LUCCIA, N.; CARAMELLI, B.
2015acetylcysteine prevents maximal exercise-induced increase in circulating miR-126 expression and angiogenic mediators in intermittent claudication patientsSILVA JUNIOR, Natan da; ROSEGUINI, Bruno; CHEHUEN, Marcel; FERNANDES, Tiago; MOTA, Gloria; FORJAZ, Claudia; WOLOSKER, Nelson; OLIVEIRA, Edilamar
2015Lymph Drainage of the Upper Limb and Mammary Region to the Mille. Anatomical Study in StillbirthsCUADRADO, Guilherme; ANDRADE, Mauro; AKAMATSU, Flavia; JACOMO, Alfredo
2015Deltoid Muscle: Patterns of Innervation from Axillary NerveLIMA, Larissa; ITEZEROTE, Ana; HOJAIJ, Flavio; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo; AKAMATSU, Flavia
2015Impact of Clinical Anatomy League of University of Sao Paulo Medical School (FMUSP) on motivation and performance of anatomy learningIUAMOTO, Leandro; NOGUEIRA, Thiago; SOUZA, Braian; RIBEIRO, Joao; HOJAIJ, Flyvio; AKAMATSU, Flyvia; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo
2015Retrograde Angioplasty During a Transtibial AmputationLUCCIA, Nelson De
2015Anatomical Location of Motor Points of the Abductor Hallucis MusclesSCARPA, Jose; ITEZEROTE, Ana; HOJAIJ, Flavio; ANDRADE, Mauro; JACOMO, Alfredo; AKAMATSU, Flavia
2015A global prospective cohort study of dabigatran for the treatment of venous thromboembolism (re-covery)GOLDHABER, S. Z.; AGENO, W.; CASELLA, I; HAN, Kok C.; RASKOB, G.; SCHELLONG, S.; SINGER, D. E.; SHASH, D.; DESCH, M.; SCHULMAN, S.
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