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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Comparison of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I and T for the prediction of cardiac complications after non-cardiac surgeryGUALANDRO, D. M.; PUELACHER, C.; LURATI-BUSE, G.; STRUNZ, C.; CARDOZO, F. A.; YU, P. C.; JAFFE, A.; TWERENBOLD, R.; HAMMERER-LERCHER, A.; MELO, E. S.; CALDERARO, D.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; LUCCIA, N.; CARAMELLI, B.; MUELLER, C.
2015Predictors of acute heart failure after vascular surgeryGUALANDRO, D. M.; MARCONDES-BRAGA, F. G.; YU, P. C.; CARDOZO, F. A. M.; LLOBET, G. B.; CALDERARO, D.; MELO, E. S.; CASELLA, I. B.; LUCCIA, N.; CARAMELLI, B.
2020Impact of the period of the day on mortality and major cardiovascular complications after vascular surgeriesCARDOZO, F. A. M.; ARTIOLI, T.; CARAMELLI, B.; CALDERARO, D.; YU, P. C.; ROJAS, M. C. E.; CASELLA, I. B.; LUCCIA, N. De; GUALANDRO, D. M.
2013Platelet aggregation decrease after vascular surgery and is related to cardiovascular eventsCALDERARO, D.; PASTANA, A. F.; ROCHA, T. R. F.; YU, P. C.; GUALANDRO, D. M.; CARMO, G. A. L.; D'AMICO, E.; PUECH-LEAO, P.; LUCCIA, N. De; CARAMELLI, B.
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