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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Interactive Tele-Education Applied to a Distant Clinical Microbiology Specialization University CourseANDREAZZI, Denise B.; ROSSI, Flavia; WEN, Chao L.
2012Streptococcus pneumoniae: susceptibility to penicillin and moxifloxacinROSSI, Flavia; FRANCO, Maria Renata Gomes; RODRIGUES, Heleni Mota de Pina; ANDREAZZI, Denise
2012Nosocomial outbreak of Pantoea agglomerans bacteraemia associated with contaminated anticoagulant citrate dextrose solution: new name, old bug?BOSZCZOWSKI, I.; ALMEIDA JUNIOR, J. Nobrega de; MIRANDA, E. J. Peixoto de; FREIRE, M. Pinheiro; GUIMARAES, T.; CHAVES, C. E.; CAIS, D. P.; STRABELLI, T. M. V.; RISEK, C. F.; SOARES, R. E.; ROSSI, F.; COSTA, S. F.; LEVIN, A. S.
2012Clinical, epidemiological and molecular features of the HIV-1 subtype C and recombinant forms that are circulating in the city of Sao Paulo, BrazilALCALDE, Rosana; GUIMARAES, Monick L.; DUARTE, Alberto J. S.; CASSEB, Jorge
2012Immunological parameters in elderly women: Correlations with aerobic power, muscle strength and mood stateRASO, Vagner; NATALE, Valeria Maria; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva; GREVE, Julia Maria D'Andrea; SHEPHARD, Roy J.
2012Increased Expression of Regulatory T Cells and Down-Regulatory Molecules in Lepromatous LeprosyPALERMO, Maria L.; PAGLIARI, Carla; TRINDADE, Maria Angela B.; YAMASHITAFUJI, Tania M.; DUARTE, Alberto Jose S.; CACERE, Camila R.; BENARD, Gil
2012Chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis and systemic lupus erythematosus: a new variant of chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis?MORAES-VASCONCELOS, Dewton de; DOMINGUES-FERREIRA, Mauricio; PIERI, Patricia de Campos; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva
2012Infliximab partially impairs the anti-Mycobacterium tuberculosis immune responses of severe psoriasis patients with positive tuberculin skin-testSILVA, L. C. R.; GELUK, A.; ARNONE, M.; ROMITI, R.; FRANKEN, K. C. L. M.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; TAKAHASHI, M. D. F.; BENARD, G.
2012Malakoplakia after renal transplantation in the current era of immunosuppressive therapy: case report and literature reviewLEAO, C. A.; DUARTE, M. I. S.; GAMBA, C.; RAMOS, J. F.; ROSSI, F.; GALVAO, M. M.; DAVID-NETO, E.; NAHAS, W.; SHIKANAI-YASUDA, M. A.; PIERROTTI, L. C.
2012Glucocorticoid: Major Factor for Reduced Immunogenicity of 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) Vaccine in Patients with Juvenile Autoimmune Rheumatic DiseaseAIKAWA, Nadia E.; CAMPOS, Lucia M. A.; SILVA, Clovis A.; CARVALHO, Jozelio F.; SAAD, Carla G. S.; TRUDES, Guilherme; DUARTE, Alberto; MIRAGLIA, Joao L.; TIMENETSKY, Maria do Carmo S.; VIANA, Vilma S. T.; FRANCA, Ivan L. A.; BONFA, Eloisa; PEREIRA, Rosa M. R.