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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Comparison of five methods for oxacillin susceptibility testing of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from cystic fibrosis patientsMIMICA, Marcelo J.; CARVALHO, Rozane L.; BEREZIN, Eitan N.; DAMACENO, Neiva; CAIAFFA-FILHO, Helio H.
2012Role of SNAP29, LZTR1 and P2RXL1 genes on immune regulation in a patient with atypical 0.5 Mb deletion in 22q11.2 regionSOARES, Diogo Cordeiro de Queiroz; DUTRA, Roberta Lelis; QUAIO, Caio Robledo D'angioli Costa; MELARAGNO, Maria Isabel; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; TORRES, Leuridan Cavalcante; KIM, Chong Ae
2012Cytogenomic characterization of an unexpected 17.6 Mb 9p deletion associated to a 14.8 Mb 20p duplication in a dysmorphic patient with multiple congenital anomalies presenting a normal G-banding karyotypeMELONI, Vera de Freitas Ayres; PIAZZON, Flavia Balbo; SOARES, Maria de Fatima de Faria; TAKENO, Sylvia Satomi; CHRISTOFOLINI, Denise Maria; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; BRUNONI, Decio; MELARAGNO, Maria Isabel
2013Efficacy of two fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes for diagnosing malignant pleural effusionsROSOLEN, Debora C. B.; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie D.; BOTTURA, Giorgio; NASCIMENTO, Amon M.; ACENCIO, Milena; TEIXEIRA, Lisete; VARGAS, Francisco S.; SALES, Roberta K.; ANTONANGELO, Leila
2012Cytogenetic instability of dental pulp stem cell linesDUAILIBI, Monica Talarico; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; DUAILIBI, Silvio Eduardo; LIPAY, Monica Vannucci Nunes; MELARAGNO, Maria Isabel; FERREIRA, Lydia Masako; VACANTI, Joseph Phillip; YELICK, Pamela Crotty
2012Wide Clinical Variability in Cat Eye Syndrome Patients: Four Non-Related Patients and Three Patients from the Same FamilyBELANGERO, S. I.; PACANARO, A. N. X.; BELLUCCO, F. T.; CHRISTOFOLINI, D. M.; KULIKOWSKI, L. D.; GUILHERME, R. S.; BORTOLAI, A.; DUTRA, A. R. N.; PIAZZON, F. B.; CERNACH, M. C.; MELARAGNO, M. I.
2013Susceptibility to Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infection in HIV-Positive Patients Is Associated With CARD8 Genetic VariantPONTILLO, Alessandra; CARVALHO, Marcia S.; KAMADA, Anselmo J.; MOURA, Ronald; SCHINDLER, Haiana C.; DUARTE, Alberto J. S.; CROVELLA, Sergio
2013Performance of a Rapid Self-Test for Detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in South Africa and BrazilJONES, Heidi E.; LIPPMAN, Sheri A.; CAIAFFA-FILHO, Helio H.; YOUNG, Taryn; WIJGERTE, Janneke H. H. M. van de
2013Characterization of the cellular immunity in patients presenting extensive dermatophytoses due to Trichophyton rubrumBRESSANI, V. O.; SANTI, T. N.; DOMINGUES-FERREIRA, M.; ALMEIDA, A.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; MORAES-VASCONCELOS, D.
2013Handgrip Force Offers a Measure of Physical Function in Individuals Living With HIV/AIDSRASO, Vagner; SHEPHARD, Roy J.; CASSEB, Jorge S. do Rosario; DUARTE, Alberto J. da Silva; GREVE, Julia M. D'Andrea