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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Clinical characteristics and possible phenotypes of an adult severe asthma populationCARVALHO-PINTO, Regina Maria de; CUKIER, Alberto; ANGELINI, Luciene; ANTONANGELO, Leila; MAUAD, Thais; DOLHNIKOFF, Marisa; RABE, Klaus F.; STELMACH, Rafael
2012Immunoglobulin G profile in hyperacute rejection after multivisceral xenotransplantationGALVAO, Flavio H. F.; SOLER, Wangles; POMPEU, Eduardo; WAISBERG, Daniel R.; MELLO, Evandro S. D.; COSTA, Anderson C. L.; TEODORO, Walcy; VELOSA, Ana P.; CAPELOZZI, Vera L.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; CATANOZI, Sergio; MARTINS, Alessandro; MALBOUISSON, Luiz M. S.; CRUZ JR., Ruy J.; FIGUEIRA, Estela R.; FILHO, Joel A. R.; CHAIB, Eleazar; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz A. C.
2012Pleural tuberculosis: is radiological evidence of pulmonary-associated disease related to the exacerbation of the inflammatory response?ANTONANGELO, Leila; VARGAS, Francisco S.; PUKA, Juliana; SEISCENTO, Marcia; ACENCIO, Milena M. P.; TEIXEIRA, Lisete R.; TERRA, Ricardo M.; SALES, Roberta K. B.
2012Monoclonal antibodies anti-TGF beta 1 and anti-VEGF inhibit the experimental pleurodesis induced by silver nitrateMARCHI, Evaldo; VARGAS, Francisco S.; TAKEMURA, Renan L.; ACENCIO, Milena M.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; TEIXEIRA, Lisete R.; LIGHT, Richard W.
2012Differentiating between tuberculosis-related and lymphoma-related lymphocytic pleural effusions by measuring clinical and laboratory variables: Is it possible?ANTONANGELO, Leila; VARGAS, Francisco Suso; GENOFRE, Eduardo Flenrique; OLIVEIRA, Caroline Mans Neves de; TEIXEIRA, Lisete Ribeiro; SALES, Roberta Karla Barbosa de
2012Proinflammatory and Antiinflammatory Cytokine Levels in Complicated and Noncomplicated Parapneumonic Pleural EffusionsMARCHI, Evaldo; VARGAS, Francisco S.; ACENCIO, Milena M.; SIGRIST, Rosa M. S.; BISCARO, Marjourie D. A.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; TEIXEIRA, Lisete R.; LIGHT, Richard W.
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