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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Effectiveness and safety of iodopovidone in an experimental pleurodesis modelTEIXEIRA, Lisete R.; VARGAS, Francisco S.; PUKA, Juliana; ACENCIO, Milena M. P.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; TERRA, Ricardo M.; DAMICO, Francisco M.; PITTA, Fabio G.; MARCHI, Evaldo
2018Evaluation of relationship between hematocrit and lipid profile in adultsLOPES, Gabriel P. R.; MUNHOZ, Marcos A. G.; ANTONANGELO, Leila
2018Preanalytical conditions can interfere with M-tuberculosis detection by PCR in respiratory samplesCARNEVALE, Gabriela Gaspar; VARGAS, Francisco Suso; CAIAFFA-FILHO, Helio Hehl; ACENCIO, Milena Marques Pagliarelli; MARCAL, Lia Junqueira; SALES, Roberta Karla Barbosa; TEIXEIRA, Lisete Ribeiro; ANTONANGELO, Leila
2018High intensity resistance training causes muscle damage and increases biomarkers of acute kidney injury in healthy individualsSPADA, Tania C.; SILVA, Jose M. R. D.; FRANCISCO, Lucila S.; MARCAL, Lia J.; ANTONANGELO, Leila; ZANETTA, Dirce M. T.; YU, Luis; BURDMANN, Emmanuel A.
2019Hybrid panel of biomarkers can be useful in the diagnosis of pleural and peritoneal effusionsFARIA, Daniel K.; FARIA, Caroline S.; DOI, Dimitria; ACENCIO, Milena M. P.; ANTONANGELO, Leila
2012Pleural tuberculosis: is radiological evidence of pulmonary-associated disease related to the exacerbation of the inflammatory response?ANTONANGELO, Leila; VARGAS, Francisco S.; PUKA, Juliana; SEISCENTO, Marcia; ACENCIO, Milena M. P.; TEIXEIRA, Lisete R.; TERRA, Ricardo M.; SALES, Roberta K. B.
2012Differentiating between tuberculosis-related and lymphoma-related lymphocytic pleural effusions by measuring clinical and laboratory variables: Is it possible?ANTONANGELO, Leila; VARGAS, Francisco Suso; GENOFRE, Eduardo Flenrique; OLIVEIRA, Caroline Mans Neves de; TEIXEIRA, Lisete Ribeiro; SALES, Roberta Karla Barbosa de
2016Serum concentration of vascular endothelial growth factor and depth of trophoblastic invasion in ampullary ectopic pregnancyCABAR, Fabio Roberto; TESHIMA, Decio Roberto Kamio; PEREIRA, Pedro Paulo; ANTONANGELO, Leila; SCHULTZ, Regina; FRANCISCO, Rossana Pulcineli
2018Performance of the UroVysion (R) FISH assay for the diagnosis of malignant effusions using two cutoff strategiesROSOLEN, Debora C. B.; FARIA, Daniel K.; FARIA, Caroline S.; ANTONANGELO, Leila
2011Characteristics of ascitic fluid from patients with suspected spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in emergency units at a tertiary hospitalREGINATO, Thiago Jose Buer; OLIVEIRA, Marcelo Jose Andrade; MOREIRA, Luiz Cesar; LAMANNA, Antonieta; ACENCIO, Milena Marques Pagliarelli; ANTONANGELO, Leila