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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Molecular investigation of bacterial communities: Data from two frequently used surfaces in the Sao Paulo Institute of Tropical MedicineFONSECA, Tairacan Augusto Pereira da; PESSOA, Rodrigo; SANABANI, Sabri Saeed
2016Frequent detection of CXCR4-using viruses among Brazilian blood donors with HIV-1 long-standing infection and unknown clinical stage: Analysis of massive parallel sequencing dataPESSOA, Rodrigo; SANABANI, Sabri S.
2016Data on global expression of non-coding RNome in mice gastrocnemius muscle exposed to jararhagin, snake venom metalloproteinaseCLISSA, Patricia Bianca; PESSOA, Rodrigo; FERRAZ, Karla Fernanda; SOUZA, Daniela Raguer Valadaode; SANABANI, Sabri Saeed
2016Investigation Into an Outbreak of Dengue-like Illness in Pernambuco, Brazil, Revealed a Cocirculation of Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue Virus Type 1PESSOA, Rodrigo; PATRIOTA, Joao Veras; SOUZA, Maria de Lourdes de; FELIX, Alvina Clara; MAMEDE, Nubia; SANABANI, Sabri S.
2016Ultra-Deep Sequencing of HIV-1 near Full-Length and Partial Proviral Genomes Reveals High Genetic Diversity among Brazilian Blood DonorsPESSOA, Rodrigo; LOUREIRO, Paula; LOPES, Maria Esther; CARNEIRO-PROIETTI, Anna B. F.; SABINO, Ester C.; BUSCH, Michael P.; SANABANI, Sabri S.
2016Diversity of Bacterial Communities on Four Frequently Used Surfaces in a Large Brazilian Teaching HospitalFONSECA, Tairacan Augusto Pereira da; PESSOA, Rodrigo; FELIX, Alvina Clara; SANABANI, Sabri Saeed
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