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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Screening of Strongyloides infection using an ELISA test in transplant candidatesTOLEDO, Beatriz; CORRAL, Marcelo A.; MEISEL, Dirce Mary C. L.; GOTTARDI, Maiara; ABDALA, Edson; COSTA, Silvia F.; PIERROTTI, Ligia Camera; LESCANO, Susana A. Z.; GONCALVES, Elenice M. N.; CASTILHO, Vera L. P.; CHIEFFI, Pedro P.; GRYSCHEK, Ronaldo C. B.; PAULA, Fabiana M.
2019IgG reactivity with 40-35 kDa soluble and membrane antigen of Strongyloides venezuelensis in immunocompromised patientsCORRAL, Marcelo Andreetta; PAULA, Fabiana Martins de; MEISEL, Dirce Mary C. L.; ABDALA, Edson; COSTA, Silvia Figueiredo; PIERROTTI, Ligia Camera; YAMASHIRO, Juliana; GONCALVES, Elenice M. do Nascimento; CASTILHO, Vera Lucia P.; CHIEFFI, Pedro Paulo; GRYSCHEK, Ronald Cesar B.
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