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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the light of the epigenetic paradigmSCHUCH, Viviane; UTSUMI, Daniel Augusto; COSTA, Thais Virginia Moura Machado; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; MUSZKATI, Mauro
2015Recommendations for quality assurance in multiparametric flow cytometry: first consensus of the Brazilian Group of Flow Cytometry (GBCFLUX)CORREIA, Rodolfo P.; BORTOLUCCI, Ana Carolina A.; LOPES, Annelise C. W.; SANDES, Alex F.; AZAMBUJA, Ana Paula de; VIANA, Marta A.; SALES, Maria M.; YAMAMOTO, Mihoko; BACAL, Nydia S.
2015Cytogenomic delineation and clinical follow-up of 10 Brazilian patients with Pallister-Killian syndromeCOSTA, Larissa Sampaio de Athayde; ZANDONA-TEIXEIRA, Aline C.; MONTENEGRO, Marilia M.; DIAS, Alexandre T.; DUTRA, Roberta L.; HONJO, Rachel S.; BERTOLA, Debora R.; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie D.; KIM, Chong A.
2015Pleural fluid tumour markers in malignant pleural effusion with inconclusive cytologic resultsANTONANGELO, L.; SALES, R. K.; CORA, A. P.; ACENCIO, M. M. P.; TEIXEIRA, L. R.; VARGAS, F. S.
2015Validation protocol for multiple blood gas analyzers in accordance with laboratory accreditation programsEBNER, Pérsio A. R.; ROMANO, Paschoalina; SANT’ANNA, Alexandre; MENDES, Maria Elizabete; OLIVEIRA, Magna; SUMITA, Nairo M.
2015Terminal 18q deletions are stabilized by neotelomeresGUILHERME, Roberta Santos; HERMETZ, Karen E.; VARELA, Patricia Teixeira; PEREZ, Ana Beatriz Alvarez; MELONI, Vera Ayres; RUDD, M. Katharine; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; MELARAGNO, Maria Isabel
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