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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Immunological parameters in elderly women: Correlations with aerobic power, muscle strength and mood stateRASO, Vagner; NATALE, Valeria Maria; DUARTE, Alberto Jose da Silva; GREVE, Julia Maria D'Andrea; SHEPHARD, Roy J.
2012Malakoplakia after renal transplantation in the current era of immunosuppressive therapy: case report and literature reviewLEAO, C. A.; DUARTE, M. I. S.; GAMBA, C.; RAMOS, J. F.; ROSSI, F.; GALVAO, M. M.; DAVID-NETO, E.; NAHAS, W.; SHIKANAI-YASUDA, M. A.; PIERROTTI, L. C.
2012Polymorphisms in Inflammasome' Genes and Susceptibility to HIV-1 InfectionPONTILLO, Alessandra; OSHIRO, Telma M.; GIRARDELLI, Martina; KAMADA, Anselmo J.; CROVELLA, Sergio; DUARTE, Alberto J. S.
2012Serum titres of anti-glutamic acid decarboxylase-65 and anti-IA-2 autoantibodies are associated with different immunoregulatory milieu in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes patientsGABBAY, M. Andrade Lima; SATO, M. N.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; DIB, S. A.
2012Mannose-binding lectin and MBL-associated serine protease-2 gene polymorphisms in a Brazilian population from Rio de JaneiroFERRARONI, N. R.; SEGAT, L.; GUIMARAES, R. L.; BRANDAO, L. A. C.; CROVELLA, S.; CONSTANTINO-SILVA, R. N.; LOJA, C.; DUARTE, A. J. da Silva; GRUMACH, A. S.
2012HIV-1 induces NALP3-inflammasome expression and interleukin-1 beta secretion in dendritic cells from healthy individuals but not from HIV-positive patientsPONTILLO, Alessandra; SILVA, Lais T.; OSHIRO, Telma M.; FINAZZO, Claudia; CROVELLA, Sergio; DUARTE, Alberto J. S.
2012Role of SNAP29, LZTR1 and P2RXL1 genes on immune regulation in a patient with atypical 0.5 Mb deletion in 22q11.2 regionSOARES, Diogo Cordeiro de Queiroz; DUTRA, Roberta Lelis; QUAIO, Caio Robledo D'angioli Costa; MELARAGNO, Maria Isabel; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; TORRES, Leuridan Cavalcante; KIM, Chong Ae
2012A Possible Role of Different PTPN Genes in Immune RegulationQUAIO, C. R. D. C.; DUTRA, R. L.; BRASIL, A. S.; PEREIRA, A. C.; KIM, C. A.; BERTOLA, D. R.
2012Up-regulation of chemokine C-C ligand 2 (CCL2) and C-X-C chemokine 8 (CXCL8) expression by monocytes in chronic idiopathic urticariaSANTOS, J. C.; BRITO, C. A. de; FUTATA, E. A.; AZOR, M. H.; ORII, N. M.; MARUTA, C. W.; RIVITTI, E. A.; DUARTE, A. J. S.; SATO, M. N.
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