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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Invasive Trichosporon infection in solid organ transplant patients: a report of two cases identified using IGS1 ribosomal DNA sequencing and a review of the literatureALMEIDA JUNIOR, J. N.; SONG, A. T. W.; CAMPOS, S. V.; STRABELLI, T. M. V.; NEGRO, G. M. Del; FIGUEIREDO, D. S. Y.; MOTTA, A. L.; ROSSI, F.; GUITARD, J.; BENARD, G.; HENNEQUIN, C.
2014NK and B cell deficiency in a MPS type II family with novel mutation in the IDS geneTORRES, Leuridan Cavalcante; SOARES, Diogo Cordeiro de Queiroz; KULIKOWSKI, Leslie Domenici; FRANCO, Jose Francisco; KIM, Chong Ae
2014A Double-Blinded, Prospective Study to Define Antigenemia and Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction Cutoffs to Start Preemptive Therapy in Low-Risk, Seropositive, Renal Transplanted RecipientsDAVID-NETO, Elias; TRIBONI, Ana H. K.; PAULA, Flavio J.; BOAS, Lucy S. Vilas; MACHADO, Clarisse M.; AGENA, Fabiana; LATIF, Acram Z. A.; ALENCAR, Cecilia S.; PIERROTTI, Ligia C.; NAHAS, William C.; CAIAFFA-FILHO, Helio H.; PANNUTI, Claudio S.
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