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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Clinical Applications of Point-of-Care Testing in Different ConditionsSUMITA, Nairo M.; FERREIRA, Carlos E. S.; MARTINO, Marines D. V.; FRANCA, Carolina N.; FAULHABER, Adriana C. L.; SCARTEZINI, Marileia; PINHO, Joao R. R.; DIAS, Claudia M.; CESAR, Katia R.; PARIZ, Vitor M.; GUERRA, Joao C. C.; BARBOSA, Ismar V.; FAULHABER, Marcelo H. W.; BATISTA, Marcelo C.; ANDRIOLO, Adagmar; MENDES, Maria E.; MACHADO, Antonia M. O.; COLOMBINI, Marjorie P.; SLHESSARENKO, Natasha; SHCOLNIK, Wilson; KHAWALI, Cristina; CAMPANA, Gustavo A.; BERLITZ, Fernando; GALORO, Cesar A.
2018Point-of-Care Testing: General AspectsFERREIRA, Carlos E. S.; GUERRA, Joao C. C.; SLHESSARENKO, Natasha; SCARTEZINI, Marileia; FRANCA, Carolina N.; COLOMBINI, Marjorie P.; BERLITZ, Fernando; MACHADO, Antonia M. O.; CAMPANA, Gustavo A.; FAULHABER, Adriana C. L.; GALORO, Cesar A.; DIAS, Claudia M.; SHCOLNIK, Wilson; MARTINO, Marines D. V.; CESAR, Katia R.; SUMITA, Nairo M.; MENDES, Maria E.; FAULHABER, Marcelo H. W.; PINHO, Joao R. R.; BARBOSA, Ismar V.; BATISTA, Marcelo C.; KHAWALI, Cristina; PARIZ, Vitor M.; ANDRIOLO, Adagmar
2018Lomentospora prolificans fungemia in hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients: First report in South America and literature reviewPENTEADO, Fernando D.; LITVINOV, Nadia; SZTAJNBOK, Jaques; THOMAZ, Danilo Y.; SANTOS, Antonio M. dos; VASCONCELOS, Dewton M.; MOTTA, Adriana L.; ROSSI, Flavia; FERNANDES, Juliana F.; MARQUES, Heloisa Helena S.; BENARD, Gil; ALMEIDA JR., Joao N. de
2018Are antimicrobial stewardship programs effective strategies for preventing antibiotic resistance? A systematic reviewBERTOLLO, Leandro G.; LUTKEMEYER, Diego S.; LEVIN, Anna S.
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