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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Perme Intensive Care Unit Mobility Score and ICU Mobility Scale: translation and cultural adaptation for Portuguese language spoken in BrazilKAWAGUCHI, Yurika Maria Fogaca; NAWA, Ricardo Kenji; FIGUEIREDO, Thais Borgheti; MARTINS, Lourdes; PIRES-NETO, Ruy Camargo
2015Mobility therapy and central or peripheral catheter-related adverse events in an ICU in BrazilLIMA, Natália Pontes; SILVA, Gregório Marques Cardim da; PARK, Marcelo; PIRES-NETO, Ruy Camargo
2018Relationship between availability of physiotherapy services and ICU costsROTTA, Bruna Peruzzo; SILVA, Janete Maria da; FU, Carolina; GOULARDINS, Juliana Barbosa; PIRES-NETO, Ruy de Camargo; TANAKA, Clarice
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