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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Comparison of parasitological, immunological and molecular methods for evaluation of fecal samples of immunosuppressed rats experimentally infected with Strongyloides venezuelensisCHAVES, Leilane A.; GONCALVES, Ana Lucia R.; PAULA, Fabiana M.; SILVA, Neide. M.; SILVA, Claudio V.; COSTA-CRUZ, Julia M.; FREITAS, Michelle A. R.
2015Detection of parasite-specific IgG and IgA in paired serum and saliva samples for diagnosis of human strongyloidiasis in northern Parana state, BrazilBOSQUI, Larissa R.; GONCALVES, Ana Lucia R.; GONCALVES-PIRES, Maria do Rosario F.; CUSTODIO, Luiz Antonio; MENEZES, Maria Claudia N. D. de; MURAD, Valter A.; PAULA, Fabiana M. de; PAVANELLI, Wander R.; CONCHON-COSTA, Ivete; COSTA-CRUZ, Julia Maria; COSTA, Idessania N.
2015Behavioural changes and muscle strength in Rattus norvegicus experimentally infected with Toxocara cati and T. canisSANTOS, S. V.; MOURA, J. V. L.; LESCANO, S. A. Z.; CASTRO, J. M.; RIBEIRO, M. C. S. A.; CHIEFFI, P. P.
2015MicroRNA Transcriptome Profiling in Heart of Trypanosoma cruzi-Infected Mice: Parasitological and Cardiological OutcomesNAVARRO, Isabela Cunha; FERREIRA, Frederico Moraes; NAKAYA, Helder I.; BARON, Monique Andrade; VILAR-PEREIRA, Glaucia; PEREIRA, Isabela Resende; SILVA, Ana Maria Goncalves; REAL, Juliana Monte; BRITO, Thales De; CHEVILLARD, Christophe; LANNES-VIEIRA, Joseli; KALIL, Jorge; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio; FERREIRA, Ludmila Rodrigues Pinto
2015Molecular diagnosis of strongyloidiasis in tropical areas: a comparison of conventional and real-time polymerase chain reaction with parasitological methodsPAULA, Fabiana Martins de; MALTA, Fernanda de Mello; MARQUES, Priscilla Duarte; SITTA, Renata Barnabe; PINHO, Joao Renato Rebello; GRYSCHEK, Ronaldo Cesar Borges; CHIEFFI, Pedro Paulo
2015The hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) as an experimental model of toxocariasis: histopathological, immunohistochemical, and immunoelectron microscopic findingsSILVA, Ana Maria Goncalves da; CHIEFFI, Pedro Paulo; SILVA, Wellington Luiz Ferreira da; KANASHIRO, Edite Hatsumi Yamashiro; RUBINSKY-ELEFANT, Guita; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio; MAIRENA, Eliane Conti; BRITO, Thales De
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