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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Management and treatment of decompensated hepatic fibrosis and severe refractory Schistosoma mansoni ascites with transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shuntSANTO, Maria Cristina Carvalho do Espirito; GRYSCHEK, Ronaldo Cesar Borges; FARIAS, Alberto Queiroz; ANDRAUS, Wellington; CARVALHO, Noemia Barbosa; LEITE, Olavo Henrique Munhoz; CASTRO, Felipe Correa; CERRI, Giovanni Guido; HYPOLITTI, Gustavo Henrique; CARNEVALE, Francisco Cesar; ASSIS, Andre Moreira de
2022Toxocara canis 30-35 kDa excretory-secretory antigen is an important marker in mice challenged by inocula containing different parasite load levelsFONSECA, Gabriela Rodrigues e; CORRAL, Marcelo Andreetta; PAULA, Fabiana Martins de; MEISEL, Dirce Mary Correia Lima; GRYSCHEK, Ronaldo Cesar Borges; LESCANO, Susana Angelica Zevallos
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