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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The presence of resistance mutations to protease and polymerase inhibitors in Hepatitis C virus sequences from the Los Alamos databankALVES, R.; QUEIROZ, A. T. L.; PESSOA, M. G.; SILVA, E. F. da; MAZO, D. F. C.; CARRILHO, F. J.; CARVALHO-FILHO, R. J.; CARVALHO, I. M. V. G. de
2013Cardiovascular risk, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome after liver transplantation: a mini reviewOLIVEIRA, Claudia Pinto Marques Souza de; STEFANO, Jose Tadeu; ALVARES-DA-SILVA, Mario Reis
201352-Week Efficacy and Safety of Telbivudine with Conditional Tenofovir Intensification at Week 24 in HBeAg-Positive Chronic Hepatitis BPIRATVISUTH, Teerha; KOMOLMIT, Piyawat; TANWANDEE, Tawesak; SUKEEPAISARNJAROEN, Wattana; CHAN, Henry L. Y.; PESSOA, Mario G.; FASSIO, Eduardo; ONO, Suzane K.; BESSONE, Fernando; DARUICH, Jorge; ZEUZEM, Stefan; CHEINQUER, Hugo; PATHAN, Rashidkhan; DONG, Yuhong; TRYLESINSKI, Aldo
2013Impact of the severity of end-stage liver disease in cardiac structure and functionSILVESTRE, Odilson Marcos; BACAL, Fernando; RAMOS, Danusa de Souza; ANDRADE, Jose L.; FURTADO, Meive; PUGLIESE, Vincenzo; BELLETI, Elisangela; ANDRAUS, Wellington; CARRILHO, Flair Jose; D'ALBUQUERQUE, Luiz Augusto Carneiro; FARIAS, Alberto Queiroz
2013PARASITOLOGICAL AND MOLECULAR DIAGNOSIS IN EXPERIMENTAL Strongyloides venezuelensis INFECTIONPAULA, Fabiana Martins; SITTA, Renata Barnabe; MALTA, Fernanda Mello; GOTTARDI, Maiara; CORRAL, Marcelo Andreetta; GRYSCHEK, Ronaldo Cesar Borges; CHIEFFI, Pedro Paulo
2013Is hepatic venous pressure gradient assessment required before liver resection in patients with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma?SILVA, Mauricio F.; STRASSER, Simone I.; CARRILHO, Flair J.
2013Liver resection and transplantation offer similar 5-year survival for Child-Pugh-Turcotte A HCC-patients with a single nodule up to 5 cm: A multicenter, exploratory analysisSILVA, M. F.; SAPISOCHIN, G.; STRASSER, S. I.; HEWA-GEEGANAGE, S.; CHEN, J.; WIGG, A. J.; JONES, R.; SARAIVA, R.; KIKUCHI, L.; CARRILHO, F.; FONTES, P. R. O.; CHARCO, R.
2013Effects of Hepatitis C virus on cardiovascular risk in infected patients: A comparative studyOLIVEIRA, C. P. M. S.; KAPPEL, C. R.; SIQUEIRA, E. R.; LIMA, V. M. R.; STEFANO, J. T.; MICHALCZUK, M. T.; MARINI, S. S.; BARBEIRO, H. V.; SORIANO, F. G.; CARRILHO, F. J.; PEREIRA, L. M. M. B.; ALVARES-DA-SILVA, M. R.
2013Plasmatic higher levels of homocysteine in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)CARVALHO, Sylene Coutinho Rampche de; MUNIZ, Maria Tereza Cartaxo; SIQUEIRA, Maria Deozete Vieira; SIQUEIRA, Erika Rabelo Forte; GOMES, Adriana Vieira; SILVA, Karina Alves; BEZERRA, Lais Carvalho Luma; D'ALMEIDA, Vania; OLIVEIRA, Claudia Pinto Marques Souza de; PEREIRA, Leila Maria M. Beltrao
2013Multilocus Sequence Typing of Candida tropicalis Shows the Presence of Different Clonal Clusters and Fluconazole Susceptibility Profiles in Sequential Isolates from Candidemia Patients in Sao Paulo, BrazilMAGRI, Marcello Mihailenko Chaves; GOMES-GOUVEA, Michele Soares; FREITAS, Vera Lucia Teixeira de; MOTTA, Adriana Lopes; MORETTI, Maria Luiza; SHIKANAI-YASUDA, Maria Aparecida