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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Impact of metabolic syndrome on the outcome of patients with stable coronary artery disease submitted to different types of treatment: 10-year follow-up of the MASS II studyLIMA, E. G.; HUEB, W.; RAHMI, R.; VIEIRA, R. D. O.; GARZILLO, C. L.; PEREIRA, A. C.; HUEB, A. C.; REZENDE, P. C.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2012Lack of Effect of Simvastatin on Structural Remodeling in Animal Model of Chagas CardiomyopathyIANNI, Barbara M.; RAMIRES, Felix J. A.; SALEMI, Vera M. C.; FERNANDES, Fabio; OLIVEIRA, Adriana M.; PESSOA, Fernanda G.; FONSECA, Keila C. B.; ARTEAGA, Edmundo; NASTARI, Luciano; MADY, Charles
2012Five year follow-up of on-pump versus off pump coronary artery bypass surgery in elderly patients - the MASS III trialMELO, R. M. Vieira De; REZENDE, P. C.; GARZILLO, C. L.; LIMA, E. G.; SEGRE, C. A. W.; COSTA, L. M. A.; OIKAWA, F. T.; HUEB, W.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2012Evolution of ventricular function in patients with stable coronary artery disease submitted to on-pump or off-pump coronary artery bypass graft in MASS III trialSTASZKO, K. F.; HUEB, W.; LIMA, E. G.; BISELLI, B.; GARZILLO, C. L.; PEREIRA, A. C.; HUEB, A. C.; REZENDE, P. C.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2012Baroreflex and cardiac dysfunctions evaluated by transesophageal echocardiography, baroreflex sensitivity, autonomic control and invasive measurements in rats submitted to sinoaortic denervationSIRVENTE, R. A.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; SOUZA, L.; MOSTARDA, C.; FUENTE, R. La; CANDIDO, G.; SOUZA, P.; MEDEIROS, A.; MADY, C.; SALEMI, V. M. C.
2012Evolution of left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with multivessel coronary heart disease submitted to 3 therapeutic strategies: 10 years follow-upGARZILLO, C. L.; HUEB, W.; LIMA, E. G.; REZENDE, P. C.; FAVARATO, D.; SOARES, P. R.; HUEB, A. C.; STOLF, N. A. G.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2012Ten-year follow-up survival of the medicine, angioplasty, or surgery study (MASS II): randomized controlled clinical trial of 3 therapeutic strategies for multivessel coronary artery disease in womenMANSUR, A. P.; HUEB, W. A.; TAKADA, J. Y.; AVAKIAN, S. D.; SOARES, P. R.; GARZILO, C. L.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.
2012Vorapaxar in ACS patients undergoing CABG surgery: results from the TRACER trialTRICOCI, P.; WHELLAN, D. J.; VRANCKX, P.; LEIBOVITZ, D.; HUANG, Z.; STRONY, J.; NICOLAU, J.; STOREY, R. F.; CHEN, E.; MAHAFFEY, K.
2012Lifestyle in wine drinkers and abstemious: the relationship of coronary lesions, calcium score and risk factorsMOCHIDUKY, Roberta I.; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; FAVARATO, Desiderio; ALBUQUERQUE, Cicero P.; GONSALVES, Cibele Regina L.; LAURINDO, Francisco Rafael M.; HUEB, Whady A.; LUZ, Protasio Da
2012Comparative Study between Cavopulmonary Anastomosis Associated with Left Ventricular Assist Device Support and Biventricular Circulatory Assistance in Acute Biventricular FailureSANTOS, L. A. S.; MOREIRA, L. F. P.; BENICIO, A.; CESTARI, I.; MATTOS JR., E.; STOLF, N. G.