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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Extracellular volume fraction for the assessment of myocardial fibrosis in patients with low-flow and low-gradient aortic stenosis with low ejection fractionROSA, V. Emer Egypto; SAMPAIO, R. O.; RIBEIRO, H. B.; SANTIS, A. S. A. L. De; FERNANDES, J. R. C.; ACCORSI, T. A. D.; ROSA, M. E. E.; VIEIRA, M. L. C.; MORAIS, T. C.; BELLO, J. H. S. M.; MATHIAS JR., W.; ROCHITTE, C. E.; POMERANTZEFF, P. M. A.; TARASOUCTHI, F.
2018Reversion of Severe Cardiac and Renal Dysfunction With Surgical Correction of Atypical Aortic Coarctation in Adult Patient: Case ReportBORTOLOTTO, Alexandre L.; FILHO, Rogerio B.; MOREIRA, Everton L.; DALLAN, Luis A.; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz
2018Comparative Analysis Between Coronary Angiotomography and Sensitive Troponin in Chest Pain With Intermediate Risk of Acute Coronary Syndrome: Conecttin TrialSOEIRO, Alexandre D.; BISELLI, Bruno; LEAL, Tatiana C.; BOSSA, Aline S.; CESAR, Maria C.; JALLAD, Sergio D.; SERRANO JR., Carlos V.; NOMURA, Cesar H.; NAKAMURA, Debora; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; OLIVEIRA JR., Mucio T.
2018Impact of Glycated Hemoglobin in Diabetic Patients With Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Surgery, Angioplasty or Clinical Treatment in a Very Long-Term Follow-UpV, Daniel Batista; HUEB, Whady; LINHARES FILHO, Jaime P.; RIBAS, Fernando F.; SILVA, Rafael R.; LIMA, Eduardo G.; DALLAZEN, Anderson R.; GARCIA, Rosa M.; REZENDE, Paulo C.; MARTINS, Eduardo B.; GARZILLO, Cibele L.; AZEVEDO, Diogo F.; SILVA, Expedito E.; RAMIRES, Jose A.; KALIL FILHO, Roberto
2018Late Gadolinium Enhancement After Myocardial Revascularization is an Independent Predictor of Mortality Long-Term Follow-Up of Mass-v StudyLINHARES FILHO, Jaime P.; HUEB, Whady; LIMA, Eduardo G.; V, Daniel Batista; REZENDE, Paulo C.; MARTINS, Eduardo B.; GARZILLO, Cibele L.; RIBAS, Fernando F.; DALLAZEN, Anderson R.; AZEVEDO, Diogo F.; VILLA, Alexandre V.; NOMURA, Cesar H.; RAMIRES, Jose A.; KALIL FILHO, Roberto
2017Topographic pattern of valve calcification: a new determinant of disease severity in aortic valve stenosisSANTIS, A. De; TARASOUTCHI, F. T.; ARAUJO FILHO, J. A. B.; KATZ, M.; VIEIRA, M. C.; NOMURA, C. H.; SPINA, G. S.; SAMPAIO, R. O.; BROWN, J.; EDELMAN, E. R.; ROSA, V. E. E.; FERNANDES, J. R. C.; LEMOS, P. A.
2017Acute coronary syndrome with normal coronary arteries: the value of cardiac magnetic resonance in changes of diagnosis and treatmentSOEIRO, A.; NAKAMURA, D.; BISELLI, B.; LEAL, T. C. A. T.; CESAR, M. C.; BOSSA, A. S.; SOEIRO, M. C. F. A.; SERRANO JR., C. V.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.
2017VAChT reduction increased mortality probably due to alveolar edema in a model of lung injury induced by intestinal isquemia/reperfusion in female miceSANTANA, Fernanda Paula Roncon; FANTOZZI, Evelyn; SILVA, Fernanda Yamamoto Ricardo da; PINHEIRO, Nathalia Montouro; TIBERIO, Iolanda de Fatima Lopes Calvo; MARTINS, Milton de Arruda; PRADO, Vania Ferreira; PRADO, Marco Antonio Maximo; LIMA, Wothan Tavares de; FALOPPA, Ana Cristina Breithaupt; PRADO, Carla Maximo
2013Application of the Seattle Heart Failure Model in Latin American population with idiopathic, ischemic and Chagasic etiologiesGUIMARAES, G. V.; FERNANDES-SILVA, M. M.; TAVARES, A. C.; TEIXEIRA-NETO, I. S.; CASTRO, R. E.; FERREIRA, S. A.; ISSA, V. S.; CHIZZOLA, P. R.; CARVAS JUNIOR, N.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2013Assessment of the metabolic profile in heart transplantation patients. Is there any difference among chagasic and non-chagasic patients?BISELLI, B.; ESCALANTE, J. P.; NUSSBAUM, A. C. A. Santos; AVILA, M. S.; ULHOA, M. B.; AYUB-FERREIRA, S. M.; CONCEICAO-SOUZA, G. E.; ISSA, V. S.; BOCCHI, E. A.; BACAL, F.