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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Effects of air pollution exposure reduction by filter mask on heart failure: a prospective randomized double-blind controlled trialVIEIRA, J. L.; GUIMARAES, G. V.; ANDRE, P. A. De; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Components of life quality evaluation in heart failure clinicCRUZ, FDCFatima Das Dores; FERREIRA, S. A.; ISSA, V. S.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Impact of obesity patients diagnosed with heart failure in outpatientCRUZ, FDCFatima Das Dores; OLIVEIRA, B. C.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Adherence to treatment of patients with heart failure in three clinics in BrazilCRUZ, FDCFatima Das Dores; CAVALCANTI, A. C.; RABELO, E. R.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Bacteria and bacteriophages in the myocardium are related with resistence to pulse therapy in myocardial rejectionREIS, M. M.; IKEGAMI, R. N.; FERREIRA, R. R. A.; KAWAKAMI, J. T.; PALOMINO, S. A. P.; POMERANTZEFF, P.; MANGINI, S.; BOCCHI, E. A.; HIGUCHI, M. L.
2014Neurohormonal response to Heated water-based Exercise training in treatment of resistant hypertension: results from the HEx TrialGUIMARAES, G. V.; CRUZ, L. G. B.; FERNANDES-SILVA, M. M.; DOREA, E. L.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Archaeosomal microparticles ridding metalloproteases from the serum may explain protection against heart failure in chagasic patients with asymptomatic indeterminate formHIGUCHI, M. L.; KAWAKAMI, J. T.; IKEGAMI, R. N.; REIS, M. R.; PEREIRA, J. J.; IANNI, B.; MANGINI, S.; BOCCHI, E. A.
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