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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Impact of exercise training and testosterone replacement on skeletal muscle atrophy and muscle sympathetic nerve activity in heart failure patients with hypogonadismSANTOS, M. R. Dos; SAYEGH, A. L.; BACURAU, A. V. N.; ARAP, M. A.; PEREIRA, R. M. R.; BRUM, P. C.; TAKAYAMA, L.; PEREIRA, A. C.; ALVES, M. J. N. N.
2014Chagas cardiomyopathy patients with pacemaker: predictors of left ventricular remodelingPEIXOTO, G.; MADIA, R. O.; SIQUEIRA, S. F.; LENSI, M. M.; TEIXEIRA, R. A.; NISHIOKA, S. A. D.; PEDROSA, A. A. A.; SACCAB, M. G. M.; COSTA, R.; MARTINELLI, M.
2014Effects of air pollution exposure reduction by filter mask on heart failure: a prospective randomized double-blind controlled trialVIEIRA, J. L.; GUIMARAES, G. V.; ANDRE, P. A. De; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2014Surgical cutdown versus percutaneous access in transfemoral transcatheter aortic valve implantation: insights from the brazilian TAVI registryBERNARDI, F. L.; BRITO JR., F. S.; MANGIONE, J. A.; SARMENTO-LEITE, R.; SIQUEIRA, D. A.; CARVALHO, L. A.; SICILIANO, A.; DIAS, J. C.; ABIZAID, A.; LEMOS, P. A.
2014Cardiac transplantation in patients with predominantly rheumatic valvular heart disease: experience of 28 yearsROSA, V. E. E. Emer Egypto; SANTIS, A. S. A. L. De; ACCORSI, T. A. D.; FERNANDES, J. R. C.; SAMPAIO, R. O.; SPINA, G. S.; BACAL, F.; TARASOUTCHI, F.
2014Bacteria and bacteriophages in the myocardium are related with resistence to pulse therapy in myocardial rejectionREIS, M. M.; IKEGAMI, R. N.; FERREIRA, R. R. A.; KAWAKAMI, J. T.; PALOMINO, S. A. P.; POMERANTZEFF, P.; MANGINI, S.; BOCCHI, E. A.; HIGUCHI, M. L.
2014Brain natriuretic peptide predicts mortality in patients undergoing pericardiectomy for constrictive pericarditisMELO, D. T. P.; FERNANDES, F.; GUALANDRO, D. M.; SALEMI, V. M. C.; OLIVETTI, N. Q. S.; BUCK, P. C.; DIAS, R. R.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; CARAMELLI, B.; MADY, C.
2014Defective function of hdl particles in familial apolipoprotein A-I deficiency: relevance of alterations in the lipidomeRACHED, F.; SANTOS, R. Dos; MINAME, M.; LHOMME, M.; DAUTEILLE, C.; SERRANO JR., C. V.; CHAPMAN, J.; KONTUSH, A.
2014Long term prognosis of acute coronary syndromes submitted to angioplasty in culprit vessel only-Comparison between complete treatment versus residual lesionSOEIRO, A.; LEAL, T. C. A. T.; SOEIRO, M. C. F. A.; PAULA, L. J. C.; GOLDSTEIN, P. G.; LAGE, R. L.; SERRANO JR., C. V.; HAJJAR, L. A.; OLIVEIRA JR., M. T.
2014Long-term outcomes of patients with coronary artery disease and type 2 diabetes mellitus with chronic kidney disease undergoing surgery, angioplasty, or medical treatmentLIMA, E. G.; HUEB, W.; REZENDE, P. C.; GARZILLO, C. L.; SCUDELER, T. L.; FAVARATO, D.; COSTA, L. M. A.; HUEB, A. C.; RAMIRES, J. A. F.; KALIL FILHO, R.