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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Erythropoietin reduces collagen deposition after myocardial infarction but does not improve cardiac function in male ratsPESSOA, F. Fernanda; MADY, C.; FONSECA, K. C. B.; RIBEIRO, O. N.; SALEMI, V. M. C.; JORDAO, M. R.; FERNANDES, F.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.
2017Global analysis of survival of patients of the study remadhe randomized prospective submitted to the DMP with follow-up of 16 yearsCRUZ, F. D. C. Fatima Das Dores; ISSA, V. S.; CHIZZOLA, P. R.; CONCEICAO, G. E.; AYUB, S. F.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2017The role of air pollution upon chagas cardiomyopathyFONSECA, K. C. B.; PESSOA, F. Fernanda; MADY, C.; HOTTA, V.; RIBEIRO, O. N.; FERNANDES, F.; NASCIMENTO, R. S.; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.
2015Effect of the angiotensin receptor neprilysin inhibitor LCZ696 compared with enalapril according to systolic blood pressure in PARADIGM-HFBOHM, M.; REFSGAARD, J.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; ROULEAU, J. L.; SOLOMON, S. D.; SWEDBERG, K.; ZILE, M.; SHI, V. C.; PACKER, M.; MCMURRAY, J. J. V.
2019Air pollution on myocardial remodeling in acute phase of Chagas disease in experimental model.FONSECA, Keila; PESSOA, F. G.; MADY, C.; HOTTA, V. T.; RIBEIRO, O. N.; FERNANDES, F.; IANNI, B. M.; SALDIVA, P. H. N.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.
2019Impact of sympathectomy upon myocardiumPESSOA, F. Fernanda; JORDAO, M. R.; FONSECA, K. C. B.; ZANONI, F.; SALEMI, V. M. C.; RIBEIRO, O. N.; SOUZA, L. E.; FERNANDES, F.; IRIGOYEN, M. C.; MOREIRA, L. F. P.; MADY, C.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.
2016Retrospective profile research of the patients evaluated for the inclusion on the cardiac transplant queue of a period of fifteen years.CRUZ, F. D. C. Fatima Das Dores; FUKUOKA, C. F.; BRITO, B. F. B.; SANTOS, B. M. S.; BOCCHI, E. A. B.
2016Model for end-stage liver disease excluding normalized ratio (MELD-XI) score as a measure of hepato-renal dysfunction in patients with decompensated heart failureMADRONERO, L. M. Gomez; MORAES, L. R.; TERHOCH, C. B.; MOREIRA, H. F.; AYUB-FERREIRA, S. M.; OLIVEIRA, M. T.; LAGE, S. G.; ISSA, V. S.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2013Analysis of survival time and etiologies of base disease in recipients of heart transplantsCRUZ, F. D. C.; NUSSBAUM, A. C. A.; ISSA, V. S.; AYUB, S. F.; CHIZZOLA, P.; CONCEICAO, G. E.; BACAL, F.; BOCCHI, E. A.
2013Characteristics of patients in the wait list for heart transplantation at a hospital in Sao Paulo, during the past 19 yearsCRUZ, F. D. C.; NUSSBAUM, A. C. A.; FIORELLI, A. I.; BACAL, F.; BOCCHI, E. A.