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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Allopurinol attenuates rhabdomyolysis-associated acute kidney injury: Renal and muscular protectionGOIS, Pedro H. F.; CANALE, Daniele; VOLPINI, Rildo A.; FERREIRA, Daniela; VERAS, Mariana M.; ANDRADE-OLIVEIRA, Vinicius; CAMARA, Niels O. S.; SHIMIZU, Maria H. M.; SEGURO, Antonio C.
2016Conversion from temporary to tunneled catheters by nephrologists: report of a single-center experienceSILVA, Bruno C.; RODRIGUES, Camila E.; ABDULKADER, Regina C. R. M.; ELIAS, Rosilene M.
2016Coronary Artery Disease Is a Predictor of Progression to Dialysis in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, and Anemia: An Analysis of the Trial to Reduce Cardiovascular Events With Aranesp Therapy (TREAT)SABE, Marwa A.; CLAGGETT, Brian; BURDMANN, Emmanuel A.; DESAI, Akshay S.; IVANOVICH, Peter; KEWALRAMANI, Reshma; LEWIS, Eldrin F.; MCMURRAY, John J. V.; OLSON, Kurt A.; PARFREY, Patrick; SOLOMON, Scott D.; PFEFFER, Marc A.
2016Laparoscopic Kidney Denervation for Refractory Loin Pain: Can We Predict Outcomes?SROUGI, Victor; DUARTE, Ricardo J.; SROUGI, Miguel; YU, Luis
2016Treatment With Human Wharton's Jelly-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Attenuates Sepsis-Induced Kidney Injury, Liver Injury, and Endothelial DysfunctionCONDOR, Jose M.; RODRIGUES, Camila E.; MOREIRA, Roberto de Sousa; CANALE, Daniele; VOLPINI, Rildo A.; SHIMIZU, Maria H. M.; CAMARA, Niels O. S.; NORONHA, Irene de L.; ANDRADE, Lucia
2016C-Reactive Protein and Risk of ESRD: Results From the Trial to Reduce Cardiovascular Events With Aranesp Therapy (TREAT)CAUSLAND, Finnian R. Mc; CLAGGETT, Brian; BURDMANN, Emmanuel A.; ECKARDT, Kai-Uwe; KEWALRAMANI, Reshma; LEVEY, Andrew S.; MCMURRAY, John J. V.; PARFREY, Patrick; REMUZZI, Giuseppe; SINGH, Ajay K.; SOLOMON, Scott D.; TOTO, Robert D.; PFEFFER, Marc A.
2016Climate Change and the Emergent Epidemic of CKD from Heat Stress in Rural Communities: The Case for Heat Stress NephropathyGLASER, Jason; LEMERY, Jay; RAJAGOPALAN, Balaji; DIAZ, Henry F.; GARCIA-TRABANINO, Ramon; TADURI, Gangadhar; MADERO, Magdalena; AMARASINGHE, Mala; ABRAHAM, Georgi; ANUTRAKULCHAI, Sirirat; JHA, Vivekanand; STENVINKEL, Peter; RONCAL-JIMENEZ, Carlos; LANASPA, Miguel A.; CORREA-ROTTER, Ricardo; SHEIKH-HAMAD, David; BURDMANN, Emmanuel A.; ANDRES-HERNANDO, Ana; MILAGRES, Tamara; WEISS, Ilana; KANBAY, Mehmet; WESSELING, Catharina; SANCHEZ-LOZADA, Laura Gabriela; JOHNSON, Richard J.
2016Hemodiafiltration Decreases Serum Levels of Inflammatory Mediators in Severe Leptospirosis: A Prospective StudyCLETO, Sergio Aparecido; RODRIGUES, Camila Eleuterio; MALAQUE, Ceila Maria; SZTAJNBOK, Jaques; SEGURO, Antonio Carlos; ANDRADE, Lucia
2016Beneficial effects of previous exercise training on renal changes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic female ratsAMARAL, Liliany S. de Brito; SILVA, Fernanda A.; CORREIA, Vicente B.; ANDRADE, Clara E. F.; DUTRA, Barbara A.; OLIVEIRA, Marcio V.; MAGALHAES, Amelia C. M. de; VOLPINI, Rildo A.; SEGURO, Antonio C.; COIMBRA, Terezila M.; SOARES, Telma de J.
2016Vitamin D deficiency contributes to vascular damage in sustained ischemic acute kidney injuryBRAGANCA, Ana C. de; VOLPINI, Rildo A.; MEHROTRA, Purvi; ANDRADE, Lucia; BASILE, David P.