Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas - LIM/13

A coleção de Artigos e Materiais de Revistas Científicas engloba artigos originais, artigos de revisão, artigos de atualização, artigos técnicos, relatos de experiências, resenhas, ensaios, editoriais, cartas ao editor, debates, notas científicas e técnicas, depoimentos, entrevistas e pontos de vista. Consideram-se como artigos científicos originais os trabalhos redigidos para divulgação de informações e resultados sobre determinada pesquisa científica, publicados em periódico científico após avaliação por outros pesquisadores.

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Cardiopulmonary exercise test in patients with refractory angina: functional and ischemic evaluationASSUMPCAO, Camila R. A. de; PRADO, Danilo M. L. do; JORDAO, Camila P.; DOURADO, Luciana O. C.; VIEIRA, Marcelo L. C.; MONTENEGRO, Carla G. de S. P.; NEGRAO, Carlos E.; GOWDAK, Luis H. W.; MATOS, Luciana D. N. J. De
2022The Role of Ivabradine in Managing Symptomatic Patients with Chronic Coronary Syndromes: A Clinically Oriented ApproachGOWDAK, Luis Henrique W.
2022Quality of Life Scores Remained Different among the Genotypic Groups of Patients with Suspected Hemochromatosis, Even after Treatment PeriodACEVEDO, Luis Alfredo Utria; ALVARENGA, Aline Morgan; FONSECA, Paula Fernanda Silva; SILVA, Nathalia Kozikas da; CANCADO, Rodolfo Delfini; NAOUM, Flavio Augusto; DINARDO, Carla Luana; PEREIRA, Alexandre Costa; BRISSOT, Pierre; SANTOS, Paulo Caleb Junior Lima
2021Identification of genetic variants associated with familial hypercholesterolemia in Chilean children and adolescentsSANCHEZ, Andrea; BUSTOS, Paulina; HONORATO, Paula; SAEZ, Katia; ELIM-JANNES, Cinthia; BARRIGA, Natalia; IBIETA, Guillermo; PEREZ, Luis; ALONSO, Rodrigo; RADOJKOVIC, Claudia, et al
2021Empagliflozin Inhibits Proximal Tubule NHE3 Activity, Preserves GFR, and Restores Euvolemia in Nondiabetic Rats with Induced Heart FailureBORGES-JUNIOR, Avio A.; SANTOS, Danubia Silva dos; BENETTI, Acaris; POLIDORO, Juliano Z.; WISNIVESKY, Aline C. T.; CRAJOINAS, Renato O.; ANTONIO, Ednei L.; JENSEN, Leonardo; CARAMELLI, Bruno; MALNIC, Gerhard, et al
2022Uncovering emergent phenotypes in endothelial cells by clustering of surrogates of cardiovascular risk factorsPINHEIRO-DE-SOUSA, Iguaracy; FONSECA-ALANIZ, Miriam H.; TEIXEIRA, Samantha K.; V, Mariliza Rodrigues; KRIEGER, Jose E.
2021Health professionals' attitudes toward religiosity and spirituality: A NERSH Data Pool based on 23 surveys from six continentsKøRUP, A.; SøNDERGAARD, J.; ALYOUSEFI, N. A.; LUCCHETTI, G.; BAUMANN, K.; LEE, E.; KARIMAH, A.; RAMAKRISHNAN, P.; FRICK, E.; BüSSING, A., et al
2021Multi-ancestry genome-wide association study accounting for gene-psychosocial factor interactions identifies novel loci for blood pressure traitsSUN, D.; RICHARD, M. A.; MUSANI, S. K.; SUNG, Y. J.; WINKLER, T. W.; SCHWANDER, K.; CHAI, J. F.; GUO, X.; KILPELäINEN, T. O.; VOJINOVIC, D., et al
2020Mapping geographical inequalities in oral rehydration therapy coverage in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-17WIENS, Kirsten E.; LINDSTEDT, Paulina A.; BLACKER, Brigette F.; JOHNSON, Kimberly B.; BAUMANN, Mathew M.; SCHAEFFER, Lauren E.; ABBASTABAR, Hedayat; ABD-ALLAH, Foad; ABDELALIM, Ahmed; ABDOLLAHPOUR, Ibrahim, et al
2021Age-dependent impact of the major common genetic risk factor for COVID-19 on severity and mortalityNAKANISHI, Tomoko; PIGAZZINI, Sara; DEGENHARDT, Frauke; CORDIOLI, Mattia; BUTLER-LAPORTE, Guillaume; MAYA-MILES, Douglas; BUJANDA, Luis; BOUYSRAN, Youssef; NIEMI, Mari E. K.; PALOM, Adriana, et al
2021Loss of mTORC2 Activity in Neutrophils Impairs Fusion of Granules and Affects Cellular Metabolism Favoring Increased Bacterial Burden in SepsisBREDA, Cristiane Naffah de Souza; BREDA, Leandro Carvalho Dantas; CARVALHO, Larissa Anastacio da Costa; AMANO, Mariane Tami; TERRA, Fernanda Fernandes; SILVA, Reinaldo Correia; FRAGAS, Matheus Garcia; FORNI, Maria Fernanda; FONSECA, Monique Thais Costa; VENTURINI, Gabriela, et al
2022Diastolic and systolic left ventricular dysfunction and mortality in chronic kidney disease patients on haemodialysisLIMA, Jose J. G. De; MACEDO, Thiago A.; GOWDAK, Luis Henrique W.; DAVID-NETO, Elias; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz A.
2021Aerobic Physical Exercise Improves Exercise Tolerance and Fasting Glycemia Independent of Body Weight Change in Obese FemalesBOSCHETTI, Daniela; MULLER, Cynthia R.; AMERICO, Anna Laura V.; VECCHIATTO, Bruno; MARTUCCI, Luiz Felipe; PEREIRA, Renata O.; OLIVEIRA, Claudia P.; FIORINO, Patricia; EVANGELISTA, Fabiana S.; AZEVEDO-MARTINS, Anna Karenina
2021Gene-educational attainment interactions in a multi-ancestry genome-wide meta-analysis identify novel blood pressure lociFUENTES, Lisa de las; SUNG, Yun Ju; NOORDAM, Raymond; WINKLER, Thomas; FEITOSA, Mary F.; SCHWANDER, Karen; BENTLEY, Amy R.; BROWN, Michael R.; GUO, Xiuqing; MANNING, Alisa, et al
2021Multi-ancestry genome-wide gene-sleep interactions identify novel loci for blood pressureWANG, Heming; NOORDAM, Raymond; CADE, Brian E.; SCHWANDER, Karen; WINKLER, Thomas W.; LEE, Jiwon; SUNG, Yun Ju; BENTLEY, Amy R.; MANNING, Alisa K.; ASCHARD, Hugues, et al
2021Metabolomic Evaluation of Chronic Periodontal Disease in Older AdultsRODRIGUES, Wellington F.; MIGUEL, Camila B.; AGOSTINHO, Ferdinando; V, Gabriela da Silva; LAZO-CHICA, Javier E.; SCAPIN, Sandra M. Naressi; NAPIMOGA, Marcelo H.; TRINDADE-DA-SILVA, Carlos A.; KRIEGER, Jose E.; PEREIRA, Alexandre da Costa, et al
2021Sex differences in the lung ACE/ACE2 balance in hypertensive ratsMARTINS, Flavia L.; TAVARES, Caio A. M.; MALAGRINO, Pamella A.; RENTZ, Thiago; BENETTI, Acaris; RIOS, Thiago M. S.; PEREIRA, Gabriel M. D.; CARAMELLI, Bruno; TEIXEIRA, Samantha K.; KRIEGER, Jose E., et al
2021Mapping subnational HIV mortality in six Latin American countries with incomplete vital registration systemsCORK, Michael A.; HENRY, Nathaniel J.; WATSON, Stefanie; CRONEBERGER, Andrew J.; BAUMANN, Mathew; LETOURNEAU, Ian D.; YANG, Mingyou; SERFES, Audrey L.; ABBAS, Jaffar; ABBASI, Nooshin, et al
2021Chagas disease is not associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction at baseline of Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)RESENDE, Bruna A. M.; BELEIGOLI, Alline M. R.; RIBEIRO, Antonio Luiz Pinho; DUNCAN, Bruce; SCHMIDT, Maria Ines; MILL, Jose Geraldo; GOULART, Alessandra C.; PEREIRA, Alexandre da Costa; BARRETO, Sandhi Maria; DINIZ, Maria De Fatima Haueisen Sander
2021Valsartan in early-stage hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a randomized phase 2 trialHO, Carolyn Y.; DAY, Sharlene M.; AXELSSON, Anna; RUSSELL, Mark W.; ZAHKA, Kenneth; LEVER, Harry M.; PEREIRA, Alexandre C.; COLAN, Steven D.; MARGOSSIAN, Renee; MURPHY, Anne M., et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 641