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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017High resolution vessel wall magnetic resonance imaging in HIV associated vasculopathyKUBOTA, G. Taricani; FERREIRA, R. de Faria; FIGUEIREDO, T. Rocha; SANTOS, G. Titoneli dos; MORAIS, L. Martins Tavares Scianni; BARBOSA, B. J. Alencar Pires; YAMAMOTO, F. Iuji; GUEDES, B. Fukelmann; CONFORTO, A. Bastos
2017Central nervous system germinoma presenting as progressive cerebral hemiatrophy and pituitary enhancementGUEDES, B.; BARBOSA, B.; KUBOTA, G. T.; SOUZA, M. N.; FRASSETO, F.; ONO, C.; LUCATO, L.; NITRINI, R.; SIMABUKURO, M.
2017MCI: Clinical phenotypes and progressionNITRINI, R.
2017Biallelic mutation in FDXIL leads to a complex phenotype: optic atrophy, reversible leukoencephalopathy, metabolic myopathy and axonal polyneuropathyGURGEL-GIANNETTI, J.; LYNCH, D.; PAIVA, A.; YAMAMOTO, G.; LUCATO, L.; AMORIM, S.; FREUA, F.; GIANNETTI, A.; RIPA, B.; MONTI, F.; RIBEIRO, M.; KNAAP, M. Van der; OLDFORS, A.; VAINZOF, M.; HOLDEN, H.; KOK, F.
2017A common CHRNE mutation (c.130dupG) in Brazilian patients with congenital myasthenic syndromeESTEPHAN, E.; SILVA, A.; MENDONCA, R.; CALDAS, V.; ZAMBON, A.; MARCHIORI, P.; HEISE, C.; REED, U.; ZANOTELI, E.
2017Atypical clinical features in central nervous system syphilis infection: A case series from a reference center in BrazilKUBOTA, G.; BARBOSA, B. J. Alencar Pires; GUSHI, R. Seikitsi; YACOUB, H. Ramos Daoud; NATALINO, R. Romera; GUEDES, B. Fukelmann; GOMES, H. Rodrigues; CASTRO, L. H. Martins; NITRINI, R.
2017First results from the international LMNA-related congenital and childhood onset muscular dystrophy retrospective natural history studyYAOU, R. Ben; DABAJ, I.; YUN, P.; NORATO, G.; XIONG, H.; NASCIMENTO, A.; MAGGI, L.; SARKOZY, A.; MONGES, S.; BERTOLI, M.; KOMAKI, H.; MERCURI, E.; ZANOTELI, E.; BUSHBY, K.; MUNTONI, F.; RUTKOWSKI, A.; BONNEMANN, C.; QUIJANO-ROY, S.; BONNE, G.
2017Melatonin inhibits mitochondrial transcription factor A expression in glioblastoma U87MG cell culture inducing an anti-tumorigenic effectFRANCO, Daiane G.; MORETTI, Isabele F.; MARIE, Suely K.
2017Toll-like receptor expressions in human astrocytomasMORETTI, I.; GALATRO, T.; OBA-SHINJO, S.; MARIE, S.
2017The human microglia transcriptome and age-associated changesEGGEN, B.; GALATRO, T.; HOLTMAN, I.; LERARIO, A.; BODDEKE, E.; MARIE, S.