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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Cortical activation during executed, imagined, observed, and passive wrist movements in healthy volunteers and stroke patientsSZAMEITAT, Andre J.; SHEN, Shan; CONFORTO, Adriana; STERR, Annette
2012Skeletal muscle major histocompatibility complex class I and II expression differences in adult and juvenile dermatomyositisSHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki; SALLUM, Adriana Maluf Elias; SILVA, Clovis Artur; MARIE, Suely Kazue Nagahashi
2012Frequent ATRX, CIC, FUBP1 and IDH1 mutations refine the classification of malignant gliomasJIAO, Yuchen; KILLELA, Patrick J.; REITMAN, Zachary J.; RASHEED, B. Ahmed; HEAPHY, Christopher M.; WILDE, Roeland F. de; RODRIGUEZ, Fausto J.; ROSEMBERG, Sergio; OBA-SHINJO, Sueli Mieko; MARIE, Suely Kazue Nagahashi; BETTEGOWDA, Chetan; AGRAWAL, Nishant; LIPP, Eric; PIROZZI, Christopher J.; LOPEZ, Giselle Y.; HE, Yiping; FRIEDMAN, Henry S.; FRIEDMAN, Allan H.; RIGGINS, Gregory J.; HOLDHOFF, Matthias; BURGER, Peter; MCLENDON, Roger E.; BIGNER, Darell D.; VOGELSTEIN, Bert; MEEKER, Alan K.; KINZLER, Kenneth W.; PAPADOPOULOS, Nickolas; DIAZ JR., Luis A.; YAN, Hai
2019Effects of Mnemonic Strategy Training on Brain Activity and Cognitive Functioning of Left-Hemisphere Ischemic Stroke PatientsBATISTA, Alana X.; BAZAN, Paulo R.; CONFORTO, Adriana B.; MA, Maria da Graca M.; SIMON, Sharon S.; HAMPSTEAD, Benjamin; FIGUEIREDO, Eberval Gadelha; MIOTTO, Eliane C.
2013Antiparasitic antibodies occur with similar frequency in patients with clinically established multiple sclerosis with or without oligoclonal bands in the cerebrospinal fluidFONSECA-PAPAVERO, Fabiana Cruz Gomes da; CALLEGARO, Dagoberto; GAMA, Paulo Diniz da; LIVRAMENTO, Jose Antonio; VAZ, Adelaide Jose; MACHADO, Luis dos Ramos
2013Prevalence of dementia subtypes in a developing country: a clinicopathological studyGRINBERG, Lea T.; NITRINI, Ricardo; SUEMOTO, Claudia K.; FERRETTI-REBUSTINI, Renata Eloah de Lucena; LEITE, Renata E. P.; FARFEL, Jose Marcelo; SANTOS, Erika; ANDRADE, Mara Patricia Guilhermino de; ALHO, Ana Tereza Di Lorenzo; LIMA, Maria do Carmo; OLIVEIRA, Katia C.; TAMPELLINI, Edilaine; POLICHISO, Livia; SANTOS, Glaucia B.; RODRIGUEZ, Roberta Diehl; UEDA, Kenji; PASQUALUCCI, Carlos A.; JACOB-FILHO, Wilson
2012Anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies in the context of assorted immune-mediated diseasesDELLAVANCE, A.; ALVARENGA, R. R.; RODRIGUES, S. H.; KOK, F.; SOUZA, A. W. S. de; ANDRADE, L. E. C.
2012Multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 presenting as refractory epilepsy and polyneuropathy - A case reportPAIVA, Anderson Rodrigues Brandao de; CASTRO, Luiz Henrique Martins; RODRIGUES JR., Waldyr; PASSARELLI, Valmir; JORGE, Carmen Lisa; BROTTO, Mario Wilson I.; HIRATA, Maria Teresa Alves; MARCHIORI, Paulo Euripedes
2013The history of cerebrospinal fluid analysis in BrazilLIVRAMENTO, Jose Antonio; MACHADO, Luis dos Ramos
2013Home-Based Nerve Stimulation to Enhance Effects of Motor Training in Patients in the Chronic Phase After Stroke: A Proof-of-Principle StudySANTOS-FONTES, Renata Laurenti dos; ANDRADE, Karina Nocelo Ferreiro de; STERR, Annette; CONFORTO, Adriana Bastos