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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The immunohistological profile of membranous nephropathy associated with chronic Schistosoma mansoni infection reveals a glomerulopathy with primary featuresARAUJO, Stanley de Almeida; NEVES, Precil Diego Miranda de Menezes; WANDERLEY, David Campos; REIS, Marlene Antonia dos; DIAS, Cristiane Bitencourt; MALHEIROS, Denise Maria Avancini Costa; ONUCHIC, Luiz Fernando
2019Comparing Seizure Risk Between Peritoneal Dialysis and HemodialysisGONCALVES, Thiago J. M.; MOYSES, Rosa M. A.; COELHO, Fernando M.; ELIAS, Rosilene M.
2020Extracellular mass to body cell mass ratio in patients on peritoneal dialysisSILVA, Luana Cristina A.; DALBONI, Maria Aparecida; ELIAS, Rosilene M.
2017Longevity protein klotho is induced by a single bout of exerciseSANTOS-DIAS, Alana; MACKENZIE, BreAnne; OLIVEIRA-JUNIOR, Manoel Carneiro; MOYSES, Rosa Maria; CONSOLIM-COLOMBO, Fernanda Marciano; VIEIRA, Rodolfo Paula
2020Bioimpedance Underestimates Bone Mineral Content in Association With High Levels of PhosphateCRISPILHO, Shirley Ferraz; BEZERRA, Kalyanna Soares; DALBONI, Maria Aparecida; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria R.; ELIAS, Rosilene M.; MOYSES, Rosa M. A.
2016Impact of Restless Leg Syndrome on mortality in patients on hemodialysis: still debatableSANTOS, Roberto Savio Silva; MOYSES, Rosa Maria Afonso; ELIAS, Rosilene Motta
2016Blood Volume Monitoring to Assist Fluid Management in Hemodialysis PatientsSILVA, Bruno C.; MOYSES, Rosa M. A.; ELIAS, Rosilene M.
2015Parathyroidectomy: better late than neverELIAS, Rosilene M.; GOLDENSTEIN, Patricia T.; MOYSES, Rosa M. A.
2016Serum Sclerostin: Not Only a Matter of Measurement But Also of MeaningELIAS, Rosilene M.; MOYSES, Rosa M. A.
2014Water removal from the legs does explain hypotension in short daily hemodialysisBALES, A. M.; BATTAINI, L. C.; NARDOTTO, L. L.; HUMEL, R. S.; SILVA, B. C.; MOYSES, R. M. A.; CASTRO, M. C. M.; ELIAS, R. M.