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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Compound 21 Prevents Salt Induced Myocardial HypertrophyDOPONA, Ellen Priscila Brito; FAVONI, Veronica; OLIVEIRA, Ivone Braga de; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2017Effect of an angiotensin II type 2 receptor agonist on myocardial hypertrophy and fibrosis induced by high salt dietDOPONA, Ellen Priscila Brito; ROCHA, Veronica Favoni; OLIVEIRA, Ivone Braga de; FURUKAWA, Luzia Naoko Shinohara; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2013Myocardial AT1 gene expression is increased in a model of left ventricular hypertrophy induced by high salt intakePEREIRA, Rafael Canavel; KATAYAMA, Isis Akemi; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2013Effects of exposure do air pollution on placental structureSOTO, Sonia de Fatima; LOPES, Karen; VERAS, Mariana Matera; HEIMANN, Joel
2012Mitochondria function and structure in brown adipose tissue is influenced by maternal low salt intake during the perinatal periodLOPES, Karen Lucasechi; SANTOS, Elisabete Alcantara Dos; FURUKAWA, Luzia Naoko Shinohara; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2012Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy influences placental growthSOTO, Sonia de Fatima; SANTOS, Leticia Pereira dos; VERAS, Mariana Matera; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2016Transgenerational Effects of High Salt Diet During GestationPERES, Maria Angelica; OLIVEIRA, Ivone Braga de; FURUKAWA, Luzia Naoko Shinohara; HEIMANN, Joel
2019Male Mice Heterozygous LSD1 Knockout Gene Prevented the Effect of High Sodium Intake on Renal Fibrosis and AT1 Conformational StatusNASCIMENTO, Mariana Moura; KATAYAMA, Isis Akemi; POJOGA, Luminita H.; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio
2016Newborn cardiac structural alterations in response to salt restriction or overload during pregnancySERAVALLI, Priscila; ZAGO, Breno Calazans; OLIVEIRA, Ivone Braga de; VERAS, Mariana Matera; HEIMANN, Joel
2019Lysine Specific Demethylase-1 Deficiency Accelerates the Development of Hypertension and Renal Damage During Long Term Sodium IntakeKATAYAMA, Isis Akemi; CULLINANE, Danielle L.; WILLIAMS, Gordon H.; HEIMANN, Joel Claudio; POJOGA, Luminita H.