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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Muscular Strength and Endurance: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisGRGIC, Jozo; RODRIGUEZ, Ramon F.; GAROFOLINI, Alessandro; SAUNDERS, Bryan; BISHOP, David J.; SCHOENFELD, Brad J.; PEDISIC, Zeljko
2012Similar Health Benefits of Endurance and High-Intensity Interval Training in Obese ChildrenARAUJO, Ana Carolina Corte de; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; PICANCO, Andreia Rossi; PRADO, Danilo Marcelo Leite do; VILLARES, Sandra Mara Ferreira; PINTO, Ana Lucia de Sa; GUALANO, Bruno
2021Potential of Creatine in Glucose Management and DiabetesSOLIS, Marina Yazigi; ARTIOLI, Guilherme Giannini; GUALANO, Bruno
2018A Comparative Study of Hummingbirds and Chickens Provides Mechanistic Insight on the Histidine Containing Dipeptide Role in Skeletal Muscle MetabolismDOLAN, E.; SAUNDERS, B.; DANTAS, W. S.; MURAI, I. H.; ROSCHEL, H.; ARTIOLI, G. G.; HARRIS, R.; BICUDO, J. E. P. W.; SALE, C.; GUALANO, B.
2019Can the Skeletal Muscle Carnosine Response to Beta-Alanine Supplementation Be Optimized?PERIM, Pedro; MARTICORENA, Felipe Miguel; RIBEIRO, Felipe; BARRETO, Gabriel; GOBBI, Nathan; KERKSICK, Chad; DOLAN, Eimear; SAUNDERS, Bryan
2020The Bone Metabolic Response to Exercise and NutritionDOLAN, Eimear; VARLEY, Ian; ACKERMAN, Kathryn E.; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria R.; ELLIOTT-SALE, Kirsty Jayne; SALE, Craig
2018Chronotropic Incompetence and Reduced Heart Rate Recovery in Rheumatoid ArthritisPECANHA, Tiago; RODRIGUES, Reynaldo; PINTO, Ana Jessica; SA-PINTO, Ana Lucia; GUEDES, Lissiane; BONFIGLIOLI, Karina; GUALANO, Bruno; ROSCHEL, Hamilton
2019A Systematic Risk Assessment and Meta-Analysis on the Use of Oral beta-Alanine SupplementationDOLAN, Eimear; SWINTON, Paul A.; PAINELLI, Vitor de Salles; HEMINGWAY, Benedict Stephens; MAZZOLANI, Bruna; SMAIRA, Fabiana Infante; SAUNDERS, Bryan; ARTIOLI, Guilherme G.; GUALANO, Bruno
2012Beta-alanine (Carnosyn (TM)) supplementation in elderly subjects (60-80 years): effects on muscle carnosine content and physical capacityFAVERO, Serena del; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; SOLIS, Marina Y.; HAYASHI, Ana P.; ARTIOLI, Guilherme G.; OTADUY, Maria Concepcion; BENATTI, Fabiana B.; HARRIS, Roger C.; WISE, John A.; LEITE, Claudia C.; PEREIRA, Rosa M.; SA-PINTO, Ana L. de; LANCHA-JUNIOR, Antonio Herbert; GUALANO, Bruno
2016Management considerations for childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus patients and implications on therapySILVA, Clovis Artur; AIKAWA, Nadia Emi; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria Rodrigues; CAMPOS, Lucia Maria Arruda