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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Hypertension and diabetes significantly enhance the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with psoriatic arthritisFAVARATO, M. H.; MEASE, P.; GONCALVES, C. R.; SAAD, C. Goncalves; SAMPAIO-BARROS, P. D.; GOLDENSTEIN-SCHAINBERG, C.
2014The high prevalence of metabolic syndrome in polymyositisSOUZA, F. H. C. de; SHINJO, S. K.
2014The clinical utility of anti-ribosomal P autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosusPASOTO, Sandra Gofinet; VIANA, Vilma Santos Trindade; BONFA, Eloisa
2014Long-term evaluation of cardiac function in juvenile idiopathic arthritis under anti-TNF therapyLIANZA, A. C.; AIKAWA, N. E.; MORAES, J. C. B.; LEAL, G. N.; MORHY, S. S.; ANDRADE, J. L.; BONFA, E.; SILVA, C. A.
2014Brain creatine depletion in vegetarians? A cross-sectional H-1-magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-1-MRS) studySOLIS, Marina Yazigi; PAINELLI, Vitor de Salles; ARTIOLI, Guilherme Giannini; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; OTADUY, Maria Concepcion; GUALANO, Bruno
2014Prevalence of sarcopenia and associated risk factors by two diagnostic criteria in community-dwelling older men: the So Paulo Ageing & Health Study (SPAH)FIGUEIREDO, C. P.; DOMICIANO, D. S.; LOPES, J. B.; CAPARBO, V. F.; SCAZUFCA, M.; BONFA, E.; PEREIRA, R. M. R.
2014Podocyte injury in pure membranous and proliferative lupus nephritis: distinct underlying mechanisms of proteinuria?REZENDE, G. M.; VIANA, V. S.; MALHEIROS, D. M. A. C.; BORBA, E. F.; SILVA, N. A. S.; SILVA, C.; LEON, E. P.; NORONHA, I. L.; BONFA, E.
2014Efficacy and safety of creatine supplementation in childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trialHAYASHI, A. P.; SOLIS, M. Y.; SAPIENZA, M. T.; OTADUY, M. C. G.; PINTO, A. L. de Sa; SILVA, C. A.; SALLUM, A. M. E.; PEREIRA, R. M. R.; GUALANO, B.
2014Axial Gout Is Frequently Associated With the Presence of Current Tophi, Although Not With Spinal SymptomsMELLO, Filipe Martins de; HELITO, Paulo Victor Partezani; BORDALO-RODRIGUES, Marcelo; FULLER, Ricardo; HALPERN, Ari Stiel Radu
2014Determinants of Arterial Stiffness in Female Patients with Takayasu ArteritisROSA NETO, Nilton Salles; LEVY-NETO, Mauricio; TOLEZANI, Elaine Cristina; BONFA, Eloisa; BORTOLOTTO, Luiz Aparecido; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria Rodrigues