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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Management considerations for childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus patients and implications on therapySILVA, Clovis Artur; AIKAWA, Nadia Emi; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria Rodrigues; CAMPOS, Lucia Maria Arruda
2016Visceral fat measured by DXA is associated with increased risk of non-spine fractures in nonobese elderly women: a population-based prospective cohort analysis from the So Paulo Ageing & Health (SPAH) StudyMACHADO, L. G.; DOMICIANO, D. S.; FIGUEIREDO, C. P.; CAPARBO, V. F.; TAKAYAMA, L.; OLIVEIRA, R. M.; LOPES, J. B.; MENEZES, P. R.; PEREIRA, R. M. R.
2016GLUT4 Translocation is not Impaired After Acute Exercise in Skeletal Muscle of Women with Obesity and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (vol 23, pg 2207, 2015)DANTAS, Wagner Silva; MARCONDES, Jose Antonio Miguel; SHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki; PERANDINI, Luiz Augusto; ZAMBELLI, Vanessa Olzon; NEVES, Willian Das; BARCELLOS, Cristiano Roberto Grimaldi; ROCHA, Michele Patrocinio; YANCE, Viviane Dos Reis Vieira; PEREIRA, Renato Tavares Dos Santos; MURAI, Igor Hisashi; PINTO, Ana Lucia De Sa; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; GUALANO, Bruno
2016Juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome: Blunted heart rate response and cardiac autonomic dysfunction at diagnosisMAIA, Magda M.; GUALANO, Bruno; SA-PINTO, Ana L.; SALLUM, Adriana M. E.; PEREIRA, Rosa M. R.; LEN, Claudio A.; TERRERI, Maria T. A.; BARBOSA, Cassia M.; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; SILVA, Clovis A.
2016Characterization of chronic arthritis in a multicenter study of 852 childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus patientsSAKAMOTO, Ana Paula; SILVA, Clovis Artur; FERRIANI, Mariana Paes Leme; PEREIRA, Rosa Maria Rodrigues; BONFA, Eloisa; SAAD-MAGALHAES, Claudia; OKUDA, Eunice; APPENZELLER, Simone; GOMES, Francisco Hugo; CUNHA, Ana Luiza Garcia; SALUME, Mirna Henriques Tomich; PIOTTO, Daniela Petry; TERRERI, Maria Teresa
2016Proposal for a Candidate Core Set of Fitness and Strength Tests for Patients with Childhood or Adult Idiopathic Inflammatory MyopathiesSTAP, Djamilla K. D. van der; RIDER, Lisa G.; ALEXANDERSON, Helene; HUBER, Adam M.; GUALANO, Bruno; GORDON, Patrick; NET, Janjaap van der; MATHIESEN, Pernille; JOHNSON, Liam G.; ERNSTE, Floranne C.; FELDMAN, Brian M.; HOUGHTON, Kristin M.; SINGH-GREWAL, Davinder; KUTZBACH, Abraham Garcia; MUNTERS, Li Alemo; TAKKEN, Tim
2016Effects of caffeine ingestion on endurance performance in mentally fatigued individualsAZEVEDO, Rafael; SILVA-CAVALCANTE, Marcos David; GUALANO, Bruno; LIMA-SILVA, Adriano E.; BERTUZZI, Romulo
2016Glycated albumin induces lipid infiltration in mice aorta independently of DM and RAS local modulation by inducing lipid peroxidation and inflammationGOMES, Diego Juvenal; VELOSA, Ana Paula; OKUDA, Ligia Shimabukuro; FUSCO, Fernanda Bueno; SILVA, Karolinne Santana da; PINTO, Paula Ramos; NAKANDAKARE, Edna Regina; CORREA-GIANNELLA, Maria Lucia; WOODS, Tom; BRIMBLE, Margaret Anne; PICKFORD, Russell; RYE, Kerry-Anne; TEODORO, Walcy Rosolia; CATANOZI, Sergio; PASSARELLI, Marisa
2016Vitamin D Supplementation in Adolescents and Young Adults With Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus for Improvement in Disease Activity and Fatigue Scores: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled TrialLIMA, Glauce L.; PAUPITZ, Juliane; AIKAWA, Nadia E.; TAKAYAMA, Liliam; BONFA, Eloisa; PEREIRA, Rosa M. R.