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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Location location location: muscle glycogen content and endurance exerciseSAUNDERS, Bryan; GOBBI, Nathan
2020Risk of Increased Physical Inactivity During COVID-19 Outbreak in Older People: A Call for ActionsROSCHEL, Hamilton; ARTIOLI, Guilherme G.; GUALANO, Bruno
2020Infographic. A systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of beta-alanine supplementation on exercise capacity and performanceSAUNDERS, Bryan; VIRGILE, Adam; ELLIOTT-SALE, Kirsty Jayne; ARTIOLI, Guilherme Giannini; SWINTON, Paul A.; DOLAN, Eimear; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; SALE, Craig; GUALANO, Bruno
2022Evidence-based physical activity for COVID-19: what do we know and what do we need to know?GUALANO, Bruno
2021Riding into the perfect storm: a comment on ""Fragile bones of elite cyclists: to treat or not to treat?""DOLAN, E.; PINTO, R. S.; OLIVEIRA, L. F.; SALE, C.; SAUNDERS, B.
2022Discontinuing methotrexate to enhance vaccine responseMEDEIROS-RIBEIRO, Ana C.; AIKAWA, Nadia E.
2022Breaking the diagnosis: ankylosing spondylitis evidenced by cervical fracture following spine manipulationMACEDO, Marina Barguil; SHINJO, Samuel Katsuyuki; DOMICIANO, Diogo Souza
2022Disseminated cutaneous goutMACEDO, Marina Barguil; FULLER, Ricardo
2022The Skeletal Muscle Response to Energy Deficiency: A Life History PerspectiveOLIVEIRA-JUNIOR, Gersiel; PINTO, Rafaela S.; SHIRLEY, Meghan K.; LONGMAN, Daniel P.; KOEHLER, Karsten; SAUNDERS, Bryan; ROSCHEL, Hamilton; DOLAN, Eimear
2022Comment on ""CYP1A2 Genotype Modifies the Effects of Caffeine Compared With Placebo on Muscle Strength in Competitive Male Athletes""BARRETO, Gabriel; ESTEVES, Gabriel P.; MARTICORENA, Felipe Miguel; SAUNDERS, Bryan