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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Inhaled corticosteroid use and its implication in peripheral eosinophil levelPEREIRA, G. D. F.; FRANCO, P. D. A.; GOMES, L. S.; MAMEDE, L. D. Q.; PEREZ, I. L.; ARAUJO, A. M. F. E. S.; BIANCHI, P. G.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020Are N-ERD really a non atopic disease? Comparative between the phenotype allergic and nonallergic in N-ERD in a Brazilian cohortDIAS, G. M. F. S.; KALIL, J.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020Correlation between total serum IgE levels and sensibilization to aeroallergensBIALOWAS, D.; PACHANI, M. A. D. S.; ZANETTI, F. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.; KALIL, J.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020In vitro NLRP3 inflammasome activation assay assists diagnosis of genetically negative CAPS patients and guides anti-IL1 therapyMENDONCA, L. O.; TOLEDO-BARROS, M. A. M.; FRANCO, P. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.; KALIL, J. E.; CASTRO, F. F. Morato; CAROLI, F.; GROSSI, A.; CECCHERINI, I; ROBAZZI, T.; PILEGGI, G. S.; RIVITTI, M. C.; SANCHES JUNIOR, J. A.; GRUMACH, A. S.; GATTORNO, M.; PONTILLO, A.
2020Identification of very small cancer stem cells expressing hallmarks of pluripotency in B16F10 melanoma cells and their reoccurrence in B16F10-derived clonesCAMARA, Diana Aparecida Dias; SA JUNIOR, Paulo Luiz de; AZEVEDO, Ricardo Alexandre de; FIGUEIREDO, Carlos Rogerio; ARALDI, Rodrigo Pinheiro; LEVY, Debora; SOUZA, Dener Madeiro de; KERKIS, Irina
2020Immunophenotypical Characterization of a Brazilian POIS (Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome) Patient: Adding More Pieces to PuzzleAMICIS, Karine De; COSTA, Priscilla Ramos; FIGO, Daniele Danella; LIMA, Cynthia Mafra Fonsecade De; CASTRO, Fabio Fernandes Morato; KALIL, Jorge; SANTOS, Keity Souza; GALVAO, Clovis Eduardo Santos
2020Worse survival of invasive melanoma patients in men and ""de novo"" lesions'GIAVINA-BIANCHI, Mara Huffenbaecher; FESTA-NETO, Cyro; SANCHES, Jose Antonio; TEIXEIRA, Monica La Porte; WALDVOGEL, Bernadette Cunha
2020Vasculitis in patients with chronic urticaria or autoimmune diseasesFRANCO, G. R.; PRADO, A. I. F.; MAMEDE, L. Q.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, M.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; BARROS, M. T.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020Clinical, genetic and therapeutical findings of two Brazilian patients with cutaneous mastocytosis associated with systemic autoinflammationMENDONCA, L. O.; PEREIRA, G. D. F.; FRANCO, P. A.; TOLEDO-BARROS, M. A. M.; AGONDI, R. C.; MORATO-CASTRO, F. F.; CAROLI, F.; GROSSI, A.; CECCHERINI, I; PONTILLO, A.; KALIL, J. E.; GATTORNO, M.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.
2020Delay in diagnosis in adults patients with variable common immunodeficiencyZANETTI, F. A.; BIALOWAS, D.; PACHANI, M. A. D. S.; SOUZA, T. S. D.; BARROS, M. T.; GRECCO, O.; KALIL, J.; KOKRON, C. M.; MARINHO, A. K. B. B.