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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Are N-ERD really a non atopic disease? Comparative between the phenotype allergic and nonallergic in N-ERD in a Brazilian cohortDIAS, G. M. F. S.; KALIL, J.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020Correlation between total serum IgE levels and sensibilization to aeroallergensBIALOWAS, D.; PACHANI, M. A. D. S.; ZANETTI, F. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.; KALIL, J.; AGONDI, R. C.
2020In vitro NLRP3 inflammasome activation assay assists diagnosis of genetically negative CAPS patients and guides anti-IL1 therapyMENDONCA, L. O.; TOLEDO-BARROS, M. A. M.; FRANCO, P. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI JUNIOR, P. F.; KALIL, J. E.; CASTRO, F. F. Morato; CAROLI, F.; GROSSI, A.; CECCHERINI, I; ROBAZZI, T.; PILEGGI, G. S.; RIVITTI, M. C.; SANCHES JUNIOR, J. A.; GRUMACH, A. S.; GATTORNO, M.; PONTILLO, A.
2014Was the PON1-55MM Polymorphism Associated to Higher Disease Severity in Common Variable Deficiency Patients?SINI, B. C.; BYDLOWSKI, S. P.; LEVY, Debora; MASELLI, Luciana M. F.; COHON, Andrea; KOKRON, Cristina M.; OLIVEIRA, Ana Karolina Barreto; KALIL, Jorge; BARROS, Myrthes Toledo
2014Experimental food allergy: murine model that mimics the food allergen natural exposure as a tool to investigate the allergens involved in anaphylaxis induced by fruit Carica papayaBRUNI, F. M.; KALIL, J.; RODRIGUES, N. R. Damaceno; ARANTES-COSTA, F. M.; MORATO-CASTRO, F. F.
2014Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorders in a Group of Patients with Common Variable ImmunodeficiencyMENDONCA, Leonardo Oliveira; SIMIS, Nathalia; KOKRON, C. M.; BARROS, Myrthes Toledo; YANG, Ariana Campos; GRECCO, Octavio; KALIL, Jorge
2013Clinical SCORE for screening of latex allergyGIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.; GARRO, L. S.; PELUZO, F.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.
2012Nutritional Status and Bone Metabolism in Children With Atopic DermatitisPENTERICH, V. R. A.; YANG, A. C.; PEREIRA, R. M. R.; KALIL, J.; CASTRO, F. F. M.
2012Is Severity Of Drug Induced Anaphylaxis Dependent Of Its Etiology?AUN, M. V.; RODRIGUES, A. T.; RIBEIRO, M. R.; GARRO, L. S.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.
2012Perioperative Anaphylaxis: Clinical Features of 51 PatientsGARRO, L. S.; RODRIGUES, A. T.; RIBEIRO, M. R.; AUN, M. V.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.