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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Diagnosis of Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis ExacerbationsGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; KALIL, Jorge
2016Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection induces asthma onsetGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; KALIL, Jorge
2016Another emerging arbovirus, another emerging vaccine: Targeting Zika virusPALACIOS, Ricardo; POLAND, Gregory A.; KALIL, Jorge
2015Immunology and Infection by Protozoan ParasitesCUNHA-NETO, Edecio; CHEVILLARD, Christophe; RODRIGUES, Mauricio Martins; BOZZA, Marcelo T.
2020Granulomas Induced by Botulinum ToxinGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, Mara
2019Polyethylene Glycol Is a Cause of IgE-Mediated AnaphylaxisGIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro; KALIL, Jorge
2021Mitochondria at the Crossroads of Immunity and Inflammatory Tissue DamageNUNES, Joao Paulo Silva; MORAES-VIEIRA, Pedro M.; CHEVILLARD, Christophe; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio
2023Interview with Prof. Jorge Kalil: The Challenge of Doing Competitive Translational Research in BrazilKALIL, Jorge
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