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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Whole exome sequencing of Chagas disease cardiomyopathy families reveals accumulation of rare variants in mitochondrial and inflammation-associated genesCUNHA-NETO, E.; MARQUET, S.; FRADE, A. Farage; FERREIRA, A. Mota; OUARHACHE, M.; IANNI, B.; FERREIRA, L. Rodrigues Pinto; RIGAUD, V. Oliveira-Carvalho; ALMEIDA, R. Ribeiro; CANDIDO, D.; TORRES, M.; GALLARDO, F.; FERNANDES, R.; MADY, C.; BUCK, P.; CARDOSO, C.; SANTOS-JUNIOR, O. R.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; OLIVEIRA, C. D. L.; NUNES, M. do Carmo; ABEL, L.; KALIL, J.; RIBEIRO, A. L. P.; SABINO, E. C.; CHEVILLARD, C.
2018Plasma Biomarkers Reflecting High Oxidative Stress Predicts Myocardial Injury Related to Anthracycline Chemotherapy in the CECCY TrialWANDERLEY JR., Mauro R.; AVILA, Monica S.; FERNANDES-SILVA, Miguel M.; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio; CRUZ, Fatima D.; BRANDAO, Goncalves Sara M.; RIGAUD, Vagner O.; HAJJAR, Ludhmila A.; KALIL FILHO, Roberto; BOCCHI, Edimar A.; AYUB-FERREIRA, Silvia M.
2012Expression of SMAD proteins, intracellular effectors of TGF-beta signalling, in non-Marfan patients with thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissectionsGUTIERREZ, P. S.; APARECIDA-SILVA, R.; BORGES, L. F.; MOREIRA, L. F. P.; DIAS, R. R.; KALIL, J.; STOLF, N. A. G.
2019Losartan diminishes the expression of TGF-beta and improves cardiomyopathy in mice with Marfan syndromeGUIDO, M. C.; DEBBAS, V.; LOPES, N. M.; FERREIRA-FILHO, J. C. A.; SALEMI, V. M. C.; PEREIRA, L. V.; MARANHAO, R. C.; LAURINDO, F. R. M.
2015Circulating miR-1 And miR-133b Correlate With Subclinical Myocardial Injury In Breast Cancer Patients Under Doxorubicin TreatmentOLIVEIRA-CARVALHO, Vagner; FERREIRA, Ludmila R.; BORGES, Danielle P.; AYUB-FERREIRA, Silvia M.; AVILA, Monica S.; BRANDAO, Sara M.; CRUZ, Fatima; CUNHA-NETO, Edecio; BOCCHI, Edimar A.
2016The predictive value of plasma Galectin-3 for cardiac impairment and mortality in patients with Chagas diseaseFERNANDES, F.; MOREIRA, C. H.; OLIVEIRA, L. C.; IANNI, B. M.; LORENZO, C. D.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; NASTARI, L.; RIBEIRO, A. L. P.; CUNHA NETO, E.; SABINO, E. C.; MADY, C.
2012Lifestyle in wine drinkers and abstemious: the relationship of coronary lesions, calcium score and risk factorsMOCHIDUKY, Roberta I.; ROCHITTE, Carlos E.; FAVARATO, Desiderio; ALBUQUERQUE, Cicero P.; GONSALVES, Cibele Regina L.; LAURINDO, Francisco Rafael M.; HUEB, Whady A.; LUZ, Protasio Da
2012Lack of effect of simvastatin on structural remodeling in animal model of chagas cardiomyopathyIANNI, B. M.; RAMIRES, F. J. A.; SALEMI, V. M. C.; FERNANDES, F.; OLIVEIRA, A. M.; PESSOA, F. G.; FONSECA, K. C. B.; CUNHA NETO, E.; MADY, C.
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