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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Inflammatory mediators in the nasal lavage of patients with allergic rhinitis before and after specific immunotherapy with Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus extract after specific nasal challengeRODRIGUES, A. T.; RAMANHOLO, B. S.; BRUGNOLLI, R. M.; NETO, E. C.; KALIL, J.; GALVAO, C. E.
2018Chronic spontaneous urticaria and thyroid autoimmune disease: A follow up study of patients with chronic urticaria for 17 yearsMOUCO, C. C.; ZANADREA, A.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; AGONDI, R. C.; BRUGNOLLI, R. M.
2018Clinical features and autoimmunity in patients with dermographic urticariaDUARTE, R. A.; BRUGNOLLI, R. M.; CASTRO, R. B. De; ALMONFREY, F. B.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; AGONDI, R. C.
2018Reversible secondary hypogammaglobulinemia related to anticonvulsant therapy in adult patients: A report of three casesBRUGNOLLI, R. M.; MARQUES, P. Q.; PENIDO, A. P.; SALLES, P. D.; BARRETO, A. K.; GRECCO, O.; KALIL, J.; KOKRON, C.; BARROS, M. T.
2018Case report of severe anaphylaxis induced by morphine and tramadolBRUGNOLLI, R. M.; PEREIRA, A. R. F.; KALIL, J.; MOTTA, A. A.; V, M. Aun; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, P.
2018Evolution of patients with hypogammaglobulinemia secondary to the use of Rituximab accompanied in a tertiary outpatient clinicMOUCO, C. C.; BRUGNOLLI, R. M.; ASSIS, J. P. De; CAU, L. P.; GRECCO, O.; KALIL, J.; KOKRON, C.; BARROS, M. T.; BARRETO, A. K.
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