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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Dynamic hyperinflation and exercise limitation in obese asthmaticsFERREIRA, Palmira G.; FREITAS, Patricia D.; SILVA, Aline G.; STELMACH, Rafael; CUKIER, Alberto; FERNANDES, Frederico L. A.; MARTINS, Milton A.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2014Effects of exercise training in a weight loss lifestyle intervention on clinical control, quality of life and psychosocial symptoms in obese asthmatics: A RCTFREITAS, Patricia D.; FERREIRA, Palmira G.; ANALUCI, S.; STELMACH, Rafael; PINTO, Regina C.; SAGE, Joao M.; MARTINS, Milton A.; MANCINI, Marcio C.; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2014Exercise-induced bronchoconstriction and airway inflammation in elite long distance runnersTEIXEIRA, Renata Nakata; ROMANHOLO, Beatriz Saraiva; AGONDI, Rosana Camara; MARTINS, Milton De Arruda; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.
2014Aerobic training decrease bronchial hyperresponsiveness and systemic inflammation in patients with moderate or severe asthma: A randomized controlled trialCARVALHO, Celso R. F.; FRANCA-PINTO, Andrezza; MENDES, Felipe A. R.; STELMACH, Rafael; CUKIER, Alberto; AGONDI, Rosana C.; MARTINS, Milton A.; SARAIVA-ROMANHOLO, Beatriz M.; KALIL, Jorge; GIAVINA-BIANCHI, Pedro
2014Effect of periodized aerobic training on power and autonomic modulation in COPD patientsLEITE, Marceli; RAMOS, Ercy M. C.; FREIRE, Ana Paula; SILVA, Bruna S.; NICOLINO, Juliana; XAVIER, Rafaella F.; BERTOLINI, Giovana N.; PESTANA, Paula; CUISSI, Rafaela C.; DAVID, Renata; BURIOLA, Lara; PAPOTI, Marcelo; CARVALHO, Celso R. F.; VANDERLEI, Luiz C. M.; RAMOS, Dionei
2014The effect of acute exercise on the systemic inflammation in patients with moderate or severe asthmaCARVALHO, Celso R. F.; MENDES, Felipe A. R.; FRANCA-PINTO, Andrezza; STELMACH, Rafael; CUKIER, Alberto; MARTINS, Milton
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