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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016High fructose intake increases alveolar enlargement and muscle inflammation in mice exposed to cigarette smokeSUEHIRO, Camila; TOLEDO-ARRUDA, Alessandra; ALMEIDA, Francine; OLIVO, Clarice; OLIVEIRA JR., Manoel; SOUSA, Adilson; VIEIRA, Rodolfo; MARTINS, Milton; LIN, Chin
2016Dissecção aguda de aortaSAROUTE, Ally Nader Roquetti; BERNOCHE, Claudia Yanet San Martin; LAGE, Silvia Helena Gelas
2016Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging for the pedunculopontine nucleus: Correlation between neuroimaging and cytoarchitectonic featuresALHO, A. T. D. L.; HAMANI, C.; ALHO, E. J. L.; SILVA, R. E. da; SANTOS, G. A. B. dos; NEVES, R. C.; ARAUJO, C. M. M.; MAGALHAES, G.; GRINBERG, L. T.; HEINSEN, H.; FONOFF, E. T.; AMARO-JUNIOR, E.
2016Three-dimensional cytoarchitecture of the basal ganglia: Clinical applications of a computational pipeline for histology to MRI registrationALHO, E. J. L.; ALEGRO, M.; DEUS, R. L.; REIS, R. P.; GRINBERG, L. T.; PEREIRA JR., J. F.; ZOLLEI, L.; AMARO JR., E.; HEINSEN, H.; FONOFF, E. T.
2016Consensus statement for diagnosis of subcortical small vessel diseaseROSENBERG, Gary A.; WALLIN, Anders; WARDLAW, Joanna M.; MARKUS, Hugh S.; MONTANER, Joan; WOLFSON, Leslie; IADECOLA, Costantino; ZLOKOVIC, Berislav V.; JOUTEL, Anne; DICHGANS, Martin; DUERING, Marco; SCHMIDT, Reinhold; KORCZYN, Amos D.; GRINBERG, Lea T.; CHUI, Helena C.; HACHINSKI, Vladimir
2016Edema agudo dos pulmõesPARK, Marcelo; LAGE, Silvia Gelás
2016Dense Low-density and Remnant Lipoprotein Cholesterol are Associated with Adiposity: The Elsa-Brasil StudySUEMOTO, Claudia; BENSENOR, Isabela M.; SANTOS, Raul; BITTENCOURT, Marcio S.; MARTIN, Seth; TOTH, Peter; JONES, Steven; BLAHA, Michael; LOTUFO, Paulo A.
2016Brain atrophy and major depression in the elderly: results from a large autopsy studyNUNES, P. V.; SUEMOTO, C. K.; LEITE, R. P.; FERRETTI-REBUSTINI, R. E.; PASQUALUCCI, C. A.; NITRINI, R.; BRENTANI, H. P.; FARFEL, J. M.; OLIVEIRA, K. C.; GRINBERG, L. T.; COSTA, N. R.; NASCIMENTO, C. F.; SALMASI, F.; KIM, H.; YOUNG, T.; JACOB FILHO, W.; LAFER, B.
2016Drogas vasoativasABUD, Isabela Cristina Kirnew; LOPES, Leonardo Nicolau Geisler Daud; LAGE, Silvia H. G.
2016Choque séptico em paciente com cardiopatiaBERNOCHE, Claudia Yanet San Martin; LAGE, Silvia H. G.; YEU, So Pei