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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Depression in medical students: Cluster symptoms and managementBALDASSIN, Sergio; SILVA, Nilson; ALVES, Tania Correa de Toledo Ferraz; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; BHUGRA, Dinesh; NOGUEIRA-MARTINS, Maria Cezira Fantini; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra de; NOGUEIRA-MARTINS, Luiz Antonio
2012Using selected scenes from Brazilian films to teach about substance use disorders, within medical educationCASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; OLIVEIRA, Hercilio Pereira; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra; LOTUFO-NETO, Francisco; BHUGRA, Dinesh
2018The effectiveness of Cytisine versus Nicotine Replacement Treatment for smoking cessation in the Russian FederationCASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; MARTINS, Silvia S.; WALKER, Natalie
2013Ghodse's drug and addictive behaviour: A guide to treatment, 4th editionCASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio
2020The current status of psychiatric education in BrazilPICON, Felipe Almeida; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio
2019Experimentation with tobacco during adolescence as a factor influencing treatment of smoking in adulthood. A retrospective cohortCHAIM, Carolina Hanna; SIU, Erica Rosanna; CARVALHO, Carlos Felipe Cavalcanti; FRALLONARDO, Fernanda Piotto; ISMAEL, Flavia; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra de; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio; TORALES, Julio; BHUGRA, Dinesh; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio
2020Abstinence and retention outcomes in a smoking cessation program among individuals with co-morbid substance use and mental disordersLIMA, Danielle Ruiz; CARVALHO, Carlos Felipe Cavalcanti; GUIMARAES-PEREIRA, Bruna Beatriz Sales; LORETO, Aline Rodrigues; FRALLONARDO, Fernanda Piotto; ISMAEL, Flavia; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra de; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio
2020Self-Perceived Stress During the Quarantine of COVID-19 Pandemic in Paraguay: An Exploratory SurveyTORALES, Julio; RIOS-GONZALEZ, Carlos; BARRIOS, Ivan; O'HIGGINS, Marcelo; GONZALEZ, Israel; GARCIA, Oscar; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio
2020The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus and its impact on global mental healthTORALES, Julio; O'HIGGINS, Marcelo; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio
2013Substance Use and Misuse in Brazilian Movies (2000-2008)CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio; BHUGRA, Dinesh; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra de; LOTUFO-NETO, Francisco