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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Drinking to death: the changing face of liver disease[Anonymous]
2017A los hombres con depresión les insume más tiempo volver al trabajoWANG, Yuan-Pang
2020Editorial: Polygenic Risk as a Biomarker for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderFARHAT, Luis C.; BRENTANI, Helena; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2017WPA Position Statement on Recruitment in PsychiatrySHIELDS, Greg; NG, Roger; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao; TORALES, Julio; BHUGRA, Dinesh
2018Spirituality, health and well-being in the elderlyFORLENZA, Orestes V.; VALLADA, Homero
2019The role of digital technology in bridging the child mental health care gapFATORI, Daniel; POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.
2019Commentary: ADHD lifetime trajectories and the relevance of the developmental perspective to Psychiatry: reflections on Asherson and Agnew-Blais, (2019)POLANCZYK, Guilherme V.; CASELLA, Caio; JAFFEE, Sara R.
2017DSM-5 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Criteria in ""Precious"" (2009): Media Content Analysis for Educational PurposesRAMOS, Laura Dip; GUIMARAES, Fernanda Severo; VENTRIGLIO, Antonio; ANDRADE, Arthur Guerra de; BHUGRA, Dinesh; LOTUFO-NETO, Francisco; CASTALDELLI-MAIA, Joao Mauricio
2020Effective Self-Management for Early Career Researchers in the Natural and Life SciencesBIELCZYK, Natalia Z.; ANDO, Ayaka; BADHWAR, AmanPreet; CALDINELLI, Chiara; GAO, Mengxia; HAUGG, Amelie; HERNANDEZ, Leanna M.; ITO, Kaori L.; KESSLER, Dan; LURIE, Dan; MAKARY, Meena M.; NIKOLAIDIS, Aki; VELDSMAN, Michele; ALLEN, Christopher; BANKSTON, Adriana; BOTTENHORN, Katherine L.; BRAUKMANN, Ricarda; CALHOUN, Vince; CHEPLYGINA, Veronika; BOFFINO, Catarina Costa; ERCAN, Ece; FINC, Karolina; FOO, Heidi; KHATIBI, Ali; LA, Christian; MEHLER, David M. A.; NARAYANAN, Sridar; POLDRACK, Russell A.; RAAMANA, Pradeep Reddy; SALO, Taylor; GODARD-SEBILLOTTE, Claire; UDDIN, Lucina Q.; VALERIANI, Davide; VALK, Sofie L.; WALTON, Courtney C.; WARD, Phillip G. D.; YANES, Julio A.; ZHOU, Xinqi
2020Transcranial Low-Level Light Therapy: A New Hope for Preventing Cognitive Consequences of Traumatic Brain Injuries?DINIZ, Juliana Belo