LIM/24 - Centro de Investigação Translacional em Oncologia

O Centro de Investigação Translacional em Oncologia é ligado ao Departamento de Radiologia e Oncologia da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP).

Linhas de pesquisa: marcadores moleculares em câncer; bases moleculares de tumorigênese, com ênfase em câncer de mama, hepatocarcionoma e melanoma; papel funcional de genes regulados por hormônios esteroides e por vitamina D em câncer de mama; marcadores preditivos à resposta a quimioterapia em câncer de mama, câncer de cabeça e pescoço e melanoma; mecanismos moleculares de quimiossensibilização e quimiorresistência; microRNAs na progressão de câncer de mama; interações celulares no microambiente tumoral como alvo terapêutico; terapias moleculares alvo-dirigidas em oncologia clínica.

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Recent Submissions

  1. A Stochastic Binary Model for the Regulation of Gene Expression to Investigate Responses to Gene Therapy

    CANCERS, v.14, n.3, article ID 633, 29p, 2022

    Simple Summary Gene editing technologies reached a turning point toward epigenetic modulation for cancer treatment. Gene networks are complex systems composed of multiple non-trivially coupled elements capable of reliably processing dynamical information from the environment despite unavoidable r...

  2. ASO Visual Abstract: Oncological Surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic-Effectiveness of Preoperative Screening and Factors Associated with Postoperative SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, v.29, n.4, p.2165-2165, 2022

  3. Oncological Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Effectiveness of Preoperative Screening and Factors Associated with Postoperative SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, v.29, n.4, p.2155-2162, 2022

    Background Routine preoperative screening of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) with reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) may reduce in-hospital SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Methods This was a prospective, observational, cohort study. The endpoints were t...

  4. Challenge of Incorporating New Drugs for Breast Cancer in Brazil: A Proposed Framework for Improving Access to Innovative Therapies

    JCO GLOBAL ONCOLOGY, v.7, p.474-485, 2021

    PURPOSE The objective of this review is to address the barriers limiting access to treatment of advanced metastatic breast cancer (mBC) in Brazil, specifically for patients in the public health care system, arguably those with the least access to innovation. MATERIALS AND METHODS A selected panel...

  5. ASO Author Reflections: Oncological Surgery during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Effectiveness of Preoperative Screening and Factors Associated with Postoperative SARS-CoV-2 Infection

    ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, v.29, n.4, p.2163-2164, 2022

  6. Comprehensive immunohistochemical analysis of RET, BCAR1, and BCAR3 expression in patients with Luminal A and B breast cancer subtypes

    BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT, v.192, n.1, p.43-52, 2022

    Purpose Breast cancer (BC) is considered a heterogeneous disease composed of distinct subtypes with diverse clinical outcomes. Luminal subtype tumors have the best prognosis, and patients benefit from endocrine therapy. However, resistance to endocrine therapies in BC is an obstacle to successful...

  7. Histopathological factors versus margin size in single colorectal liver metastases: Does a 1-cm margin size matter?

    SCANDINAVIAN JOURNAL OF SURGERY, v.111, n.1, article ID 14574969211069329, 8p, 2022

    Background and objective: The ideal margin width for surgical resection of colorectal liver metastases has been extensively studied, but not sufficiently in accordance with other pathological factors. The aim of this study was to assess for the first time the prognostic impact of margin widths ac...

  8. Prognostic Impact of Pathology, Cytoreduction, and Tumor Markers in Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

    JOURNAL OF SURGICAL RESEARCH, v.274, p.68-76, 2022

    Introduction: The pathologic classification of pseudomyxoma peritonei is controversial. This study aimed to standardize the histopathological evaluation of pseudomyxoma peritonei and identify the clinicopathological factors associated with survival. Methods: A pathologic review was performed to s...

  9. Factors Associated with the Costs of Palliative Care: A Retrospective Cost Analysis at a University Cancer Hospital in Brazil

    JOURNAL OF PALLIATIVE MEDICINE, v.24, n.10, p.1481-1488, 2021

    Background: There have been few studies evaluating the costs of palliative care (PC) in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), especially for patients with cancer. Objectives: The objective of this study was to identify the sociodemographic and clinical variables that could explain the cost pe...

  10. Physician turnover in primary health care services in the East Zone of Sao Paulo City, Brazil: incidence and associated factors

    BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH, v.22, n.1, article ID 147, 12p, 2022

    Background The shortage and high turnover of physicians is a recurrent problem in health care systems; this is especially harmful to the expansion and full operation of primary health care (PHC). The aim of this paper is to analyze incidence and associated factors with physician turnover in prima...