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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antiangiogehic Drugs for Colorectal Cancer: Exploring New PossibilitiesFERRAROTTO, Renata; HOFF, Paulo M.
2012Squamous-cell carcinoma of the anal canal: Room for improvement with targeted therapyOLIVEIRA, Suilane; TEIXEIRA, Luis; HOFF, Paulo M.; GRAMONT, Aimery De; TOURNIGAND, Christophe
2012Immunomarkers in Gynecologic Cytology: The Search for the Ideal 'Biomolecular Papanicolaou Test'PINTO, Alvaro P.; DEGEN, Martin; VILLA, Luisa Lina; CIBAS, Edmund S.
2012Cervical Cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Problem and the Way to SolutionsVILLA, Luisa Lina
2014Emerging technologies in extracellular vesicle-based molecular diagnosticsJIA, Shidong; ZOCCO, Davide; SAMUELS, Michael L.; CHOU, Michael F.; CHAMMAS, Roger; SKOG, Johan; ZAROVNI, Natasa; MOMEN-HERAVI, Fatemeh; KUO, Winston Patrick
2019HPV Vaccine: Updates and HighlightsOLIVEIRA, Cristina Mendes de; FREGNANI, Jose Humberto T. G.; VILLA, Luisa Lina
2014Is Surgery Always Necessary in Rectal Cancer?SABBAGA, Jorge; BRAGHIROLI, Maria Ignez; HOFF, Paulo M.
2018Current approaches to immunotherapy in noncolorectal gastrointestinal malignanciesJESUS, Victor Hugo Fonseca de; FELISMINO, Tiago Cordeiro; SILVA, Milton Jose de Barros e; SILVA, Virgi Prime Lio de Souza e; RIECHELMANN, Rachel P.
2018Regulation of HPV transcriptionRIBEIRO, Aline Lopes; CAODAGLIO, Amanda Schiersner; SICHERO, Laura
2018Innate immunity and HPV: friends or foesNUNES, Rafaella Almeida Lima; MORALE, Mirian Galliote; SILVA, Gabriela Avila Fernandes; VILLA, Luisa Lina; TERMINI, Lara