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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Frequency of Pathogenic Copy Number Variants in Children with Short Stature of Unknown EtiologyCANTON, A.; HOMMA, T.; FURUYA, T.; ROELA, R.; ARNHOLD, I; JORGE, A.
2019Probably Pathogenic Variants in New Candidate Genes in Patients with Pituitary Stalk Interruption Syndrome (PSIS) Revealed by Whole-Exome SequencingCORREA, F. A.; NAKAGUMA, M.; JORGE, A. A. L.; FUNARI, M. F. A.; LERARIO, A. M.; CARVALHO, L. R. S.; ARNHOLD, I. J. P.; MENDONCA, B. B.
2019Low Frequency of Pathogenic Allelic Variants in the 46,XY Differences of Sex Development (DSD)-Related Genes in Small for Gestational Age Children with HypospadiasBRAGA, B. L.; GOMES, L. N.; NISHI, M. Y.; FREIRE, B. L.; BATISTA, R. L.; FUNARI, M. F. A.; COSTA, E. M. F.; LERARIO, A. M.; DOMENICE, S.; JUNIOR, J. A. D. F.; JORGE, A. A. L.; MENDONCA, B. B.
2019Clinical and Genetic Evaluation of Prepubertal Children with Short Stature and Advanced Bone AgeVASQUES, G. A.; ANDRADE, N. L. M.; FUNARI, M. F. A.; HOMMA, T. K.; FREIRE, B. L.; NISHI, M. Y.; MALAQUIAS, A. C.; MENDONCA, B. B.; ARNHOLD, I. J. P.; JORGE, A. A. L.
2019Evaluation of puberty in patients with Noonan syndrome and mutations in the RAS/MAPK genesMALAQUIAS, Alexsandra C.; NORONHA, Renata M.; HOMMA, Thais K.; ALBUQUERQUE, Edoarda V. A.; BERTOLA, Debora R.; JORGE, Alexander A. L.
2019Clinical and Genetic Characterization of a Constitutional Delay of Growth and Puberty CohortBARROSO, P. S.; JORGE, A. A. L.; LERARIO, A. M.; MONTENEGRO, L. R.; LIMA-AMATO, L. R.; VASQUES, G. A.; SILVEIRA, L. F. G.; MENDONCA, B. B.; LATRONICO, A. C.
2019Combining clinical and genetic approaches in diagnosing a large Brazilian cohort of patients with 46, XY Differences of Sex Development (DSD)GOMES, Nathalia Lisboa; BATISTA, Rafael Loch; NISHI, Mirian Y.; LERARIO, Antonio Marcondes; SILVA, Tatiane E.; FUNARI, Mariana; FARIA JUNIOR, Jose Antonio Diniz; SILVA, Daniela Moraes; MONTENEGRO, Luciana; COSTA, Elaine Maria Frade; JORGE, Alexander Augusto; DOMENICE, Sorahia; MENDONCA, Berenice Bilharinho
2019Response to rhGH Therapy in Children with Isolated Short Stature with or without an Identified Genetic CauseANDRADE, N. L. M.; VASQUES, G. A.; FUNARI, M. F. A.; MENCONCA, B. B.; JORGE, A. A. L.
2014Evaluation of SSTR2, SSTR3 and SSTR5 and DRD2-Long and Short Isoforms Gene Expression in Nonfunctioning Pituitary AdenomasAMORIM, Paulo Vinicius Goncalves Holanda; TRARBACH, Ericka Barbosa; FORMIGA, Cristina B.; GUZZO, Mariana F.; CESCATO, Valter Angelo Sperling; GLEZER, Andrea; BRONSTEIN, Marcello D.
2014Fatal Factitious Cushing's Syndrome (Munchhausen's syndrome) in a Patient with a Prolactinoma and Silent Corticotrophinoma: Case Report and Literature ReviewMINANNI, Carlos Andre; CARDOSO, Ana Luiza de Almeida; ALBUQUERQUE, Edoarda Vasco de Albuquerque; LOPES, Ludmilla Malveira Lima; GLEZER, Andrea; VERDUGUEZ, Elisa Del Rosario Ugarte; GALLUCCI-NETO, Jose; GATTAZ, Wagner Farid; MENDONCA, Berenice B.; BRONSTEIN, Marcello D.; MACHADO, Marcia Carlos; FRAGOSO, Maria Candida Barisson Villares