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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Genome Wide Association Analysis of Iron Overload in the Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) Sickle Cell Disease CohortsWEN, Fayuan; ROCK, Angela; SALOMON-ANDONIE, Juan; KURBAN, Gulriz; NIU, Xiaomei; WANG, Songping; ZHANG, Xu; GORDEUK, Victor R.; ZHANG, Yingze; NOURAIE, Seyed Mehdi; GLADWIN, Mark T.; ASHLEY-KOCH, Allison; TELEN, Marilyn J.; CUSTER, Brian; KELLY, Shannon; DINARDO, Carla Luana; SABINO, Ester; WONG, Quenna; TAYLOR, James G.; NEKHAI, Sergei
2020Clinical and Genetic Predictors of Red Blood Cell Alloimmunization in a Brazilian Sickle Cell Disease CohortKELLY, Shannon; TELES, Dahra; FANG, Fang; DINARDO, Carla; VALGUEIRO, Maria do Carmo; CAYRES, Luciana; CASTILHO, Shirley Lopes de; SABINO, Ester; PAGE, Grier; CUSTER, Brian
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